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Are you thinking enough before choosing your cad tool

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There are many CAD users in the world especially based on 2D platforms. Most of the engineering drawings in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural etc., are sill on 2D and are going to continue for a long time. The challenge of individual consultants, small business organizations and even big enterprises is the initial price and maintenance costs of CAD softwares.

DWG and DXF are the most widely used file formats for draiwngs for almost three decades. Hence you need a reliable solution which can work "natively (without conversions or transalations)" on DWG and DXF files. There are many CAD tools available in the market to choose from, but you should not forget the following points before choosing:

  • Is the CAD software is affordable initially and in long-term?
  • Are they using 100% genuine code? Make sure they are not breaking/cracking the source codes/IP rights of some other software companies.
  • Is the CAD software coming from a "trusted" country/location where there are some values for Copyrights of others?
  • Are you paying for a cracked/counterfeit software without much knowledge?
  • Is the CAD company in the business for a long time? Are they consistent in their professional associations and maintaining relationship?
  • Are they too aggressive in implementing new features similar to other popular CAD tools? Remember any development will take considerable amount of time if developed from scratch.
  • Do you have a local contact or responsible company to support you in long-term?

You type in search engines for key words like "cad software law suits", "legal battles on cad software" etc.

Hence, we sincerly request you to spend enough time in understanding the software not only in terms of its user interface, performance but also its back end history of development, professional associations etc.

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