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Autocad equivalent software

progecad jytra advantages

It is a common question in industry to find out which is the autocad equivalent software. There are many autocad equivalent software available in market which are developed mainly based on Intellicad Technology Consortium (ITC). progeCAD is one of the oldest and highly reliable autocad equivalent software. progecad offers similar interface, commands, file formats, icons and shortcuts as autocad.

Unlike other autocad equivalent software, progeCAD offers very high value to the customers i.e., higher value of the ratio function and cost. There are regular updates available on main web site of progecad which are downloaded automatically and applied in your computer similar to anti-virus software signatures.

progeCAD offers powerful customization capabilities including LISP, VBA, DIESEL etc., as an autocad equivalent software. This facilitates the users to use their existing programs on progeCAD with little or no changes. In addition, progeCAD 2012 release will most likely include the option of ARX programming in it as a new addition.

Most of the customers are facing the challenge of competition and their operatinal cost is a key factor to survive and grow in the market. The monopolistic software in the market demand for high initial price and annual subscription price. This is taking major revenue chunk from companies using CAD software. Autocad equivalent software offers the main advantage of low cost, however there could be a challenge in performance. progeCAD offers high value to CAD users without any significant compromise on performance. Thus progeCAD with Italian technology could be a best autocad equivalent software.

progeCAD Professional software is available in India for a special pricing because of its economic challenges. We offer full-functinoal 30 day trial without any limitations and obligations. Try and believe the software before you buy. Our prices and policies are open to the community unlike other autocad equivalent software. progeCAD offers many purchasing options to its customers like online checkout, demand draft payment, cheque payment, RTGS/NEFT transfer etc.

Another important thing is the availability of softwware. Unlike other autocad and autocad equivalent software, progeCAD license is available within one or two days after realizing the payment. Our process is simple, we will courier the software kit to customers and email the license key along with invoice for quick reach. Thus progeCAD is very successful with over 2,50,000 customer base across the globe amount other autocad equivalent software.

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