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Best autocad alternative

progecad jytra advantages

There are many best autocad alternatives available mostly based on IntelliCAD engine developed by Intellicad Technology Consortium. progeCAD is one of the founding partners of Intellicad technology consortium with continuous development and customization efforts. progeCAD is having similar interface, file formats, icons, commands and shortcuts like other autocad alternatives. ProgeCAD offers high value compared to all other autocad alternatives based on the value. Value is defined as function per unit cost. ProgeCAD is almost identical to classic version of autocad and is reliable for up to 20,000 entities in drawing file. In addition, progeCAD has in-built converters for PDF to DXF and Raster to Vector.

Google Earth integration is another distinct advantage in progeCAD among other autocad alternatives. It is possible to interact with Google Earth when you are connected to internet. Locations can be directly captured from Google Earth and make necessary activities and the changes can be saved to either image or standard DWG/DXF formats. In addition, progeCAD comes with in-built converters for PDF to DXF and Raster to Vector. It also supports layered PDF back and forth from progeCAD. These are few more distinguishing factors of progeCAD compared to either autocad or autocad alternatives. progeCAD also permits to export drawing files to any previous versions of autocad as well as JPEG or PDF file formats making its use universal.

progeCAD is available at very affordable price in India. The full professional version price of progeCAD is lower than the standard or 2D version of either autocad or any other autocad alternatives. It is our aim to make the professional software available to individuals as well as corporate at very affordable price without draining their budget. Further, we offer e-mail support for a very low annual fee so that they will get continuous product support and upgrades. progeCAD update patches are available over internet and will be downloaded and installed automatically without any user intervention. All the user need to do is to enable the automatic updates option which will be the default setting while installing the software. Thus, progeCAD permits ease of installation, maintenance and support better than other autocad alternatives. It is the choice of user whether to upgrade to future versions or not, they will not be threatened by progeCAD team for annual subscriptions. We don’t believe in threatening any individual or existing customers for sale. Winning the customer satisfaction and confidence is our main motto by offering them value added products and services.

Autocad alternatives offer similar functionalities, interface, commands, icons, short cut keys and even the customization capabilities like autocad. However, they are not as capable as autocad in terms of performance especially for larger drawings with more than 20,000 entities. Just think about comparing between Microsoft Office and Open Office in terms of performance. Being commercial and profit making Organizations, Microsoft and Autodesk invest heavily on software development, research and testing. However, Intellicad Technology Consortium is a non-profit organization and its efforts are not good as Autodesk. Hence, it is a bet between price and performance. If price is not a constraint, then obvious choice would be Autocad but not autocad alternatives.

progeCAD is available in India for a special discounted price compared to any other country in the World. Jytra Engineering Services is the All India Distributor of progeCAD with dedicated Dealer network across the country. progeCAD is available in special box packed version along with genuine license certificate and legal invoice with VAT or CST paid to the Government. Focus on your business without being the victim of counterfeit software and thus the threats from CAD software development companies. progeCAD full-version can be downloaded from our website and installed in any computer. 30-day full functional trial allows you to test the product thoroughly being making a decision. You need to believe the capabilities or the product, trust it and then buy the Best Autocad Alternative.

progeCAD will be delivered normally within one working day after receiving the order from customer. Kit will be sent via courier or speed post anywhere in India along with original invoice. License code will be delivered via email to the customer after realizing the payment. Customers are advised to buy the software from local Dealers in order to get better product support.

All autocad alternatives may not offer various licensing options to the end users. progeCAD offers various options like node locked license, NLM (Network License Manager) License, License check-out and take away option, corporate one site option for a lump sum price, corporate one country option for a lump sum price without any restriction on the usage of number of licenses. All these options are available at a lower price compared to either autocad or other autocad alternatives.

Constant Research and Development efforts are being made by progeCAD srl, Italy to develop the progeCAD further based on Intellicad engine. New versions will be launched every year with several enhancements. No gimmicks and tricks like releasing 2013 version early in 2012 to confuse the customers like other software developers. We are stable and release the version each year with same year name.