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Buy progecad 2017 now and get free upgrade to progecad 2018

progecad jytra advantages

Jytra announces the free upgrade of ProgeCAD 2018 if you buy progeCAD 2017 (applicable for all puchases after 15th March, 2017). progeCAD 2018 will be availble in first week of May with many improvements as mentioned below:

  • Artisan Rendering Module
  • ESRI Shape import (.shp)
  • In-place editor for Text and Mtext
  • Improved PointCloud import with .las, .xyz and  .ply
  • New Array interface
  • Fade control for XREFs, locked layers, Refedit
  • New Refedit interface
  • Isolate and Hide entities tool
  • Maximize Viewports: work easily on Layout Viewports
  • Default Layers for Hatches and Dimensions
  • Support for the HPLAYER and HPTRANSPARENCY variables
  • Perspective Correction Tool for images
  • iMatch: image stretching to adapt to real world dimensions on drawings