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Can i use autocad fonts (the .shx files) with progecad

progecad jytra advantages

Anyone who owns a regular AutoCAD licence can use, besides the numerous fonts available with progeCAD, also the fonts supplied with AutoCAD.

To do this, open the Tools menu, under Options in Path/File, in Fonts add the fonts'' installation path. For ex.: C:Program FilesAutoCAD R14Fonts. For the 2000 version of AutoCAD the simplex font can be found Support directory. You can add this path too (For ex.: C:AutoCAD LT 2000Fonts;C:AutoCAD LT 2000Support) or copy this font to the folder Fonts of AutoCAD 2000. This guarantees a perfect display of any project using the simplex.shx font.

If when progeCAD was installed on your PC an AutoCAD installation is already present, the font path will be automatically added to the standard ones.

The fonts used for the drawing''s text depend on the text''s style.

With progeCAD it is possible to specify the font to be used in place of other fonts.

Sometimes it may be necessary to use only some types of font for a drawing, or to convert the fonts used into different fonts.

To this purpose the font mapping tables can be used.

If for example drawings are shared with other AutoCAD users, a font mapping table can be used in order to specify the alternative font progeCAD must use for the text originally created in a different font.

The font mapping table (FMP) is an ASCII file containing a font mapping for each line.

Each line contains the basic name of the font file (without the path) followed by a semicolon (;) and the name of the alternative font file with the relative extension (for example .shx or .ttf).

It is for example possible to type the following string in a font mapping table in order to specify that the romanc.shx font file must be substituted by the IC-romans.shx font file.




progeCAD comes with a default font mapping table included in the file ICAD.FMP, which is stored in the progeCAD folder.

This file can be modified with any ASCII text editor. It is also possible to specify a different table file in the Options dialogue box or by means of the FONTMAP system variable.

How to specify a font mapping table

1 From the Tools menu choose Options.

2 In the Paths/File list

3 Insert the mapping file name (.fmp) in the ''Font Identification'' box

progeCAD''s original setting uses icad.fmp; if no substitution of font is needed, delete or rename the ICAD.FMP file.

Also remember that...

Is it possible to use AutoCAD''s fonts (the .SHX files) with progeCAD ?

Yes,progeCAD is compatible with AutoCAD fonts file .shx.

To do this, open the "Options" menu and select the "File Paths" tab; then add the fonts'' installation path under "fonts".

For ex: C:Program FilesAutoCAD R14fonts;c:Program FilesAutoCAD R14support

If when progeCAD was installed on your PC an AutoCAD installation is already present, the font path will be automatically added to the standard ones.

If you have original AutoCAD Fonts and want to avoid font substitution of standard ones (Ex. ROMANS.SHX SIMPLEX.SHX)

You also must open the font mapping file, icad.fmp and either delete or comment out the line that makes a font substitution for your AutoCAD font.

For example, suppose you have simplex.shx located at C:ACADFONT and you click on Tools on the menu bar and then Options to identify C:ACADFONT as an alternate font directory. But when you open a drawing that uses simplex.shx, the program continues to substitute ic-simplex.shx.

The solution is to open icad.fmp with a text editing program and either delete the line simplex;ic-simplex.shx or comment it out so that it reads:


Then the next time you launch the program it will no longer substitute ic-simplex.shx for simplex.shx