The New conversion engine with pages preview and such new options as Batch conversion of all PDFs in a folder, multi-page PDF conversion, dashed lines recognition, plus dozens of other important improvements.

PDF with Append function

The Append function allows to add a new sheet to an existing PDF to create multi-page PDFs when printing different views of a drawing or different drawings.


The control of selection when you select an object that overlaps other objects. Cycling through overlapping objects makes your selection extremely easier.

SolidWorks IMPORT

progeCAD has added import of new essential file formats. progeCAD 2021 can now import .sldprt part files and .sldasm assembly files created with SolidWorks.


Create and insert a QRCODE from any text, URL etc. Make text in your drawings scannable from QR Codes using any mobile phone or tablet with a camera. QR Codes, also known as mobile barcodes, allow to represent text, URLs, contact information etc. Users may get automatically a lot of useful information for execution of maintenance, simply scanning the QR Codes visible in the drawings.


Parametric generation and insertion of mechanical/structural components for construction using a dedicated interface:

- Wood: Lumber, Trus Joist® TJI® - Steel: Angle, Channel, Tubing, Pipe, S-W-M-HP Shape, S-M-W Tee Shape - Steel: Studs, Sstuds, Joist, Track

Two Tool Palettes for the new Structures library are provided, ready to use (Steel standard, Profiles and Wooden details)


Enable to display a new set of grips for rectangles or polygon polylines. Enhanced options to stretch, rotate or scale polygons.


Enable a set of new properties in order to better manipulate regularly-shaped polylines (rectangles or polygons)


Now you can rotate entities while performing Paste operations for a direct alignment of elements.

Improved MTEXT

- new functions to Paste text without formatting - new functions to Remove formatting of the selected text - new settings for the in-place background color - the new annotative button in the MTEXT editor

Associative ARRAY

progeCAD can now create Associative Arrays entities editable through the properties panel. It is now extremely easy to dynamically modify a number of items, rows, colums, angles, rotation etc.


Undoes commands selecting from a list showing all the executed commands.

Section and Elevation lines

Creating 2D sections and elevations from 3D models in your drawings. You can control the size and shape of any created section/elevation and dinamically update an existing section/elevation when the objects included in the section/elevation are modified. The feature is similar to those available in AutoCAD Architecture. The Commands can be applied on al 3D objects, including IFC and Revit Underlayers/imported models.

IMAGECLIP on boundary

A new option to use a Polyline as a clipping boundary.


New options: Rectangular, Circular and Elliptical. Now you can draw Revclouds with a specific shape using the classic or calligraphic mode. Alternatively, create a Revision cloud directly by selecting an object and transforming it.


progeCAD now supports the Photometric properties for the lights entities. Through the properties panel now you can manage the Lamp Intensity and the Lamp Color.


ARRAY. New direct commands:

ARRAYPOLAR. The command evenly distributes object copies in a circular pattern around a center point or axis of rotation. ARRAYRECT. The command distributes object copies into any combination of rows, columns and levels. ARRAYEDIT The command modifies associative arrays by editing array properties, editing source objects, replacing items with other objects or creating a 3D array with objects on 2 or more 3D levels automatically. AREA command improved The command shows a colored preview area selection. Also implemented the area calculation by pick point.


The command automatically creates export files (.dwf/.pdf) from the current drawing and saves to a specified location on saving or closing the DWG file.


The command measures distance, radius, angle and area of selected objects or a sequence of points.


Extracting information from objects such as block attributes and drawing properties and creating a detailed schedule, a parts list, or a bill of materials to a table inside a drawing or into an external file. For example, with a residential construction project, create a door installation schedule to place in the drawing. Using the Data Extraction wizard, you can limit the selection only to doors objects and extract the data. You can create a list as an Excel external file as well. You can use a data extraction file as a template to perform the same type of extraction at any time.


Import/Export block attribute values from/to an external file in the tab-delimited ASCII format.


Sets layer visibility within viewports. In a layout, you can assign a set of unique display properties for each Viewport layer. These settings override those in the Model tab and controlled by the layer manager palette. VPLayer works on Color, LType, LWeight, Pstyle, Transparency, Visibility (Freeze-Thaw).


Controls the Selection Filter panel. It displays all entities in the drawing and allows you to filter and select entities by Layer, Color, entity Type and Linetype. When you finish selecting entities, you can then use the selection set in subsequent commands.


Allows to directly send via Skype a selected portion of the current drawing.


Converts a surface into a 3D solid with a specified thickness.


Converts 3D solids, meshes and 2D geometry to procedural surfaces. The command works on closed 2D entities, 3D solids, regions, mesh entities, 3D faces and lines, arcs and open polylines with thickness.


Converts 3D solids, polyface meshes and polygon meshes, regions and closed polylines to mesh entities.


Converts eligible 3D objects to 3D solids.


The commands control whether the point cloud bounding box is displayed and the size of the points for point cloud objects. The points size is enabled for RCP and RCS point clouds only.


Sets a camera and target location to create and save a 3D perspective view of objects.

NEW EXPRESS TOOLS (Click for the Complete list of progeCAD Express Tools)

SLOPETEXT creates a text, aligned to the entity with the slope value of a line or a polyline segment. COORDSLABEL creates a text label with the XY or XYZ coordinates value of a selected point, with or without a leader. DIMPOLYALIGNED automatically creates aligned dimensions around the selected polyline using its vertices. MERGEHATCH merges the selected hatches by applying the corresponding properties.