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Highlights of progecad 2014 full version india

progecad jytra advantages
  • 3D PDF Export. DWG to 3D PDF Export is an exceptional tool for better communication and sharing of your projects among your colleagues and clients. It allows you to obtain an interactive 3D model of a project, displayable and editable with the free 3D PDF Readers.
  • The EasyArch 3D plug-in with several enhancements (unique to ProgeCAD). The EasyArch plug-in, the new version of the automated architectural tool intended to facilitate building and interior design, now works also in 3D. EasyArch 3D comes with a completely revised interface and supports Metric and Imperial measurement systems.
  • The Hatch trim command. ProgeCAD has implemented the long-awaited Hatch trim through the CUT command, which will allow you to create complex fill areas in a few quick steps. You can also trim the hatching suing regular TRIM command.
  • Tables viewing and editing, even those of AUTO-CAD. The table is the best and most widely used way of reporting data in a drawing, in the production of parts lists, bills of materials and so on. Not only can you open DWG files containing tables, but also create new tables directly in the drawing sheet or import (otherwise copy and paste) tables from Excel, Open Office or Libre Office or Kings Office. The table can also be generated automatically from the attributes of the blocks inserted in the drawing.
  • Dynamic Blocks Editing. progeCAD 2014 allows to edit the geometry of dynamic blocks through the Grips.
  • Batch Plot. Layouts taken from one or more drawings can be printed or exported to PDF or DWF using the print settings of individual layouts.
  • 3D Printing.  STL files management for output on 3D printers
  • .NET Support. Programs created with the .NET technology can be linked to progeCAD drawings
  • TX and ICRX Programming support which is similar to OBJECT-ARX.
  • The program comprises the iCADLib module with over 22,000 ready-to-use blocks and provides exclusive free access to the TraceParts and Cadenas portals. Customers can easily download and insert producer standard parts and normalized symbols in their drawings.