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Major improvements in progecad 2017 full version india

progecad jytra advantages

ProgeCAD is now available in India as progeCAD 2017 Full Version India. It is avaialble in two versions viz., Stand alone License (SL) and Network License Manager (NLM). The software is now available in both 64bit and 32bit versions. It is one of the major release by progeSOFT so far with below enhancements:

  • New IntelliCAD 8.1 engine with best speed and performance
  • New Ribbon Style Interface in addition to Classic Menu Style Interface
  • Import Points Cloud Data
  • Workspace management
  • Select Similar Command
  • Supports multi-core processing and multi-threading
  • Introduced New Table Styles

Handling of large drawing files gets much more efficient on 64-bit machines, while performance when opening or regenerating progeCAD drawing files has been enhanced by  1.5 to 3 times on multi-core computers.

POINTCLOUD import made available with progeCAD 2017 will allow the User to work with 3D point clouds captured from digital scanners, total station machines etc. The POINTCLOUD feature contributes to precision and accuracy, giving the exact geometry information of scanned objects and the Operator is able to access every single point and its 3D coordinates.

progeCAD will now support workspaces, a revamped AUTOCOMPLETE function, activation dialogues, dynamic block handling and overlay support.

There are many improvements in existing commands like LOFT, PURGE and QSELECT as well as DWF printing and DWF/DWFx to DWG conversion. progeCAD 2017 will offer a series of new commands and new system variables  as well as some other valuable new features too numerous to list here.

Furthermore, progeCAD 2017 enhances interoperability between progeCAD Professional and Microstation by improving support reading Microstation® DGN files, and enables interoperability between progeCAD Professional and other CAD applications by introducing support for Civil3D, ADT and MDT file formats.

Many improves are done on customization and new API features.

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