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Progecad 2014 full version india released

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ProgeCAD is pleased to announce the new release of progeCAD 2014 Full Version INDIA. The present progeCAD edition includes a series of new features and tools, offers improved performance and stability, and more intuitive interface.

The 2014 version has been enriched with the following features:

EasyArch 3D is a new version of EasyArch with the renewed interface, more parametric objects and 3D work.
Dynamic 3D PDF Export option.
Hatch trim using regular trim command.
Table creation viewing and editing, even those created in other CAD software.
Dynamic Blocks editing through the use of the Grips, which allow to Stretch, Scale, Rotate and change the visualization status.
Batch Plot. Layouts taken from one or more drawings can be printed or exported to PDF or DWF using the print settings of individual layouts.
3D Printing. STL files management for output on 3D printers
.NET Support. Programs created with the .NET technology can be linked to progeCAD drawings