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Progecad 2017 india new versions 17.0.16 released

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JYTRA announces the release of new ProgeCAD 2017 Versions 17.0.16 with below fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed many crashes using crash reports from users
  • Fixed performance on Intel GPU after Windows update KB4013429
  • Set MTMODE to 1 to avoid crash
  • Fixed insert of block with redefinition
  • Fixed export of single segment polyline with thickness
  • Fixed set of transparency on multiple layers
  • Removed command reactor trigger with realtime commands to fix problem with property palette
  • Fixed open of drawing with missing images with double click
  • Read and set automatically NLM IP and port from reginfo (if present)
  • Fixed font substituion dialog
  • Disabled selection highlight in TRIM command selecting entities to trim
  • Fixed crash in raster dialog when path is over 80 chars
  • Disabled highlight of destination entity in MATCHPROP command
  • Removed silhouette of ACIS to improve performance to open drawing
  • Fixed moving palettes on left screen when the main one is on the right
  • Added USEODAPREVIEW variable to change engine to save the preview in drawing file
  • Fixed search of shx font in drawing folder
  • Fixed some EasyArch menu errors
  • Fixed crash changing or erasing dimensions
  • Improved speed of cursor with SNAP and ESNAP enabled
  • Fixed crash using layer explorer to copy layers between drawings
  • Fixed findfile in non latin path
  • Fixed an EasyArch issue when text is in series
  • Fixed some EasyArch stairs

The latest versions can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Contact us at "progecad@jytra.com" for any additional information.