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Progecad 2017 new version 17.0.10 released

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Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. announces the release of new ProgeCAD 2017 India Maintenance Release Version 17.0.10. Jytra is the oldest ProgeCAD Distributor in India since 2006. Below are the details of new Release:

The new progeCAD 2017 Professional 17.0.10 release is available here.

Below is the list of major fixes of Version 

  • Changed order of initialization of graphics device to fix problem with NVIDIA QUADRO Graphics card
  • Fixed POLAR/ETRACK without first point and ETRACK from another point
  • Fixed some minor issues with EasyArch
  • Fixed stretch of hatch with arc edge
  • Added curved door Right hinge
  • Fixed display of cursor after mouse wheel zoom during layer combo edit
  • Fixed crash using "Convert to arc" from hatch grip menu
  • Fixed crash with "Reassociate boundary" grip menu
  • Fixed crashes from crashreports
  • Improved reactivity of commands with dynamic input ON
  • Removed update of property palette during command on ViewChange event
  • Fixed typo in entity property
  • Fixed open of drawing with bad spline
  • Added PICKFIRST variable to SYSVARMONITOR by default
  • Improved speed to start commands
  • Added SYSVARMONITOR command to monitor FILEDIA variable changes
  • Fixed release of IRX commands after use to fix destructor calls
  • Fixed icGetVarType and icFindSysVar IRX functions
  • Fixed hatch stretch and grip exceptions
  • Fixed crash adding a new vertex to hatch with grip menu
  • Fixed open of specific drawing
  • Fixed hang in print preview with specific drawing
  • Changed background color of toolbar customize dialog
  • Fixed Text with lineweight that had a bad color boundary
  • Fixed crash editing hatches using grip
  • Improved POLAR with different ESNAP active, Improved ETRACK point detect and detach
  • Fixed CHAMFER with polylines, now it's created a unique polyline if one of selected entities is a polyline
  • Fixed performance of stretch command with hatches

Existing users will receive the update automatically (if connected to Internet). Please goto ProgeCAD Menus - > Help -> Check for Updates.

Contact us today for more information on "progecad@jytra.com" or 9246163747.