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Progecad 2017 new version 17.0.8 released

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Jytra announces the release of new ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version India Software for both SL and NLM versions. The latest patch release version is 17.0.8. Below are the release notes of this new version:

  1. Fixed update of layer palette changing layer frozen in viewport flag
  2. Added redraw to update colors of property palette after theme change
  3. Added Black theme UI in OPTIONS dialog
  4. Fixed realtime rotation in perspective paperspace viewport
  5. Added tooltip to option dialog
  6. Removed message box printing pdf to file from external com application
  7. Fixed creation of profiles by copy
  8. Solved many possible crashes
  9. Removed message box printing pdf to file from lisp and vba
  10. Fixed regeneration problem from ATTEXT command
  11. Fixed use of pcad.fmp, now found fonts are also substituted
  12. Applied modification to "Selection" text in groupbox
  13. Fixed select group box text
  14. Fixed properties of Light entitiy in properties palette
  15. Removed "continuous inertial motion" from OPTIONS dialog tab DISPLAY
  16. Fixed gripedit of block with attributes, now they are moved with block
  17. Fixed some missing elements in menu
  18. Updated and added some new menu icons
  19. Fixed BOUNDARY command
  20. Fixed update of layer combobox renaming layer
  21. Fixed property palette layer combo: - fixed update of layer list and current layer changing layer combobox - add new layer when property palette is closed
  22. Fixed help commands number
  23. Fixed helix recognized as cylinder by property palette
  24. Added screen update on RSCRIPT command
  25. Implemented change of plot style from property bar
  26. Grouped results of EATTEXT export
  27. Changed description for entity selection checkboxes in drawing settings dialog
  28. Fixed solution with performance report and removed useless file
  29. Improved command hint list reactivity, added performance counter in command list filter procedure
  30. Improved command ARRAY during lisp, avoiding useless regen
  31. Removed dimensions from trimming boundary set
  32. Fixed scroll bar with empty drawing
  33. Fixed size of AppButton with DPIAware
  34. Fixed size of command hint list with DPIAWARE
  35. Implemented color for point cloud entity
  36. Implemented change of automatic parameter in TABLE dialog
  37. Fixed size of controls of default GUI dialog
  38. Fixed CUBE option of BOX command to input distance using keyboard
  39. Fixed some issues on DPIAWARE (properties palette, command line, toolbar combo, Dynamic input controls)
  40. Fixed comboBox size in ribbon with DPIAware Fixed korean fonts display
  41. Fixed first character with 'c' in command hint box

The new versions can be downloaded from our Downloads section.

ProgeCAD 2017 is available in both 64bit and 32bit versions.

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