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Jytra annouces the release of new ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India version 18.06 with below mentioned fixes and enhancements:

Added zero margins prints
Implemented Object properties evaluation, now it's possible to create FIELDs compatible with Autocad and evaluate properties
Fixed Display grips of clipped block references with XCLIPFRAME variable off
Fixed preview during drag of XREF
Fixed Block wrong move after REFEDIT
Fixed DIST command issue with rotated UCS
Implemented hatch stretch and grip edit for hatches created selecting entities
Fixed display of XREF after a cancel of REFEDIT command
Fixed QSELECT dialog in some drawings
Fixed TRIM with SHIFT and EXTEND with ENTER
Fixed freeze selecting polylines and hatches, new method to calculate area of a polyline
Fixed crash trimming HATCH
Removed "Reset" button in customize dialog
Fixed display of entities on locked layers
Fixed select of ESNAP from SHIFT+RCLICK menu using keyboard shortcut
Fixed selection of items in option list of dynamic input
Fixed REFEDIT > DISCARD some blocks are deleted
Fixed Text entering is under images
Fixed join of colinear segments
Fixed insert of XREF without path
Fixed undo of changes to 3D solid properties from palette
Fixed dimstyle and textstyle combo in toolbar and in property palette
Fixed crash while closing with multiple drawing
Fixed error when breaking walls on EasyArch
Fixed DIMLINEAR - "Invalid input" when trying to insert Mtext/Text after DIMLINEAR->Horizontal and DIMLINEAR->Vertical by passing the correct state parameters
Fixed exception using dynamic block grips and fixed restore of ORTHOMODE using grips
Fixed exception in REFCLOSE command makes impossible to continue to work
Fixed lag and slowdown creating objects, with selection window and other operations when some other process uses CPU heavly ( > 90%)
Restored FILEDIALOGS variable to control choose file dialog with every file extension
Fixed exception with REFEDIT on block containing dynamic block
Fixed import button in SCALELISTEDIT dialog called from status bar
Fixed autocomplete dialog layout
Fixed drag of blocks with dragdetail > 0
Fixed drag of objects during MOVE,COPY, SCALE, etc ... with great coordinates
Fixed evaluation of field "ObjectName"
Fixed crash opening drawing with fields
Fixed height of toolbar using "classic" UI on 4k monitors
Fixed size of icons in layer palette with 4k display
Fixed size of layer Icons with 4k monitor
Fixed locked layer selection in commands (MOVE, COPY, etc) after changes to TRIM on block
Fixed FILLET between XLINE
Fixed crash at close time
Fixed selection of clipped viewport with its polyline
Fixed selection of viewport in layout
Disabled QLEader attachment options when "Underlay" is checked
Fixed trim of circle or arc with rectangle as boundary
Fixed TRIM and EXTEND with blocks selecting with window
Fixed area of hatches with simple island
Fixed Czech capital letters in command line
Fixed lag after edit commands (eg: DELETE, TRIM)
Avoid crash when superhatch cannot detect intersections in boundary detection
Removed XREF dependent layer from DIMLAYER combo in dimstyle dialog and in ribbon/toolbar
Filtered XREF dependent layer in layer combo in HATCH dialog
Removed background white rectangle from print
Fixed area in properties and list for polyline and 2dPolyline objects
Improved performance of copy large amount of objects
Fixed a crash when insert a door/window with no wall (using EasyArch)
Fixed selection with PREVIOUS option
Fixed selection of source object in MATCHPROP command
Fixed HATCH area calculation using region method
Fixed performance of DIMSTYLE dialog with many Dimension styles in quite large drawing
Implemented selection of entities on locked layer
Resized linetype, lineweight and color ribbon combobox
Improved performance of REFCLOSE with refedit preview
Added symbol menu in context menu for single line text edit
Fixed cone radius, height and center z into property palette
Hidden some fields from list in "FIELD" dialog
Fixed crash opening drawing with clipped XREF
Fixed slow selection in drawing with clipped xref
Fixed selection of block reference with window selection mode
Fixed crash saving modify to a xref using REFEDIT
Fixed visualization of faded objects (placed on locked layer, XREF or during refedit), on some drawings such entities disappear
Fixed text not aligned in the middle in QLEADER command
Fixed MTEXT option that didn't start the MTEXT command in QLEADER command
Added Rename and Delete buttons in WSSETTINGS dialog to rename and delete workspaces
Changed default value of "Path options" in "Modify Transmittal Setup" dialog, now by default all files are placed in one folder and not organized in a folder structure

Existing users can update this patch by clicking on Check For Updates under Help menu. New versions are avaialble for download in our downloads section.

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