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Progecad 2018 professional india 18.0.4 version released

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Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is glad to inform its customers and prospects about the release of new patch 18.0.4 for ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version India Software. Below is a detailed list of fixes and enhancements:

  • Added support to open Autocad 2018 files
  • Improved speed of draw of entities in large drawings (>5MB)
  • Improved speed of regen of 3d solid entities in shaded/hidden mode
  • Fixed ESNAP with layer OFF, now objects on OFF layer are ignored
  • Fixed print of PDF file with layer name containing round brackets
  • Improved print performance with pdf printer and layer enabled
  • Added checkbox to enable/disable layer in pdf printer
  • Fixed intersection esnap between polylines with some objects in draworder table
  • Fixed display and print of OLE objects in blocks
  • Improved speed of automatic Regen of OLE, Images, Xray objects
  • Improved speed of Highlight and selection of entities
  • Improved selection performance: improved update of style comboboxes
  • Improved selection performance: Improved update of viewport scale and HPLayer combo box
  • Improved selection performance: Improved speed of update of textstyle and dimstyle combo boxes
  • Improved object modified reactor to improve MOVE, COPY speed
  • Fixed creation of dimension using esnap on overlapped entities
  • Fixed solid grip dragging with face having negative normal
  • Disabled REFEDITPREVIEW by default
  • Added check  to avoid crash in layerwalk
  • Improved print of PDF in case of layer disabled
  • Fixed face grip edit for compatibility with AutoCAD 2018
  • Added check to avoid exception in viewport scale combo
  • Start "PEDIT" on double click on 3D Polylines instead of "PROPERTIES"
  • Added advanced render uninstall request at uninstall time
  • Improved layer palette
  • Make layer list font 1px bigger
  • Improved layout and colors
  • Fixed click of editbox into list to allow the click and related features
  • Fixed dragging/editing
  • Fixed selection of font drawing an MTEXT
  • Fixed crash with angular dimension of polyline
  • Fixed crash using font substitution dialog
  • Fixed save of HPLINETYPE variable
  • Fixed key tip for application button
  • Fixed size of print stamp
  • Added message starting POINTCLOUDATTACH command
  • Added ETRACKPRIORITY variable and relative tooltips to the settings in "Coordinate Input" tab (Entity Snaps) and in "Dynamic Input" tab
  • Fixed COPYCLIP and PASTECLIP of corrupted ACIS solids with bad materials assigned to subentities
  • Improved SELECT ALL performance to do a single highlight
  • Fixed architectural units in Korean command line, fixed when options contains '()' for capital letters
  • Fixed dynamic input with imperial units without specifing '"'
  • Fixed SWEEP command in some cases
  • Fixed draw of BOX with NWUCS
  • Improved switch between drawings, removed useless resize of non active view
  • Fixed printing JPG using pc3 of our jpeg printer
  • Fixed SELECTIONPREVIEW with dynamic input on
  • Fixed priority of dynamic input over polar tracking, Added ETRACKPRIORITY variable to set priority of ETRACK over dynamic Input
  • Added font support in copy and paste from Excel
  • Switched Center mark, center cross icons
  • Changed icon into profile export mask
  • Added "Center mark with settings" to the ribbon
  • Fixed error in placing Label for EasyArch
  • Fixed imperial units in text height combo
  • Leader changes moving all drawing
  • Fixed command line options with '()' for far-east languages, Fixed underlined part
  • Added single selection mode to JOIN command
  • Fixed Command line message crating a new profile
  • Fixed crash in OVERKILL command with dynamic input
  • Fixed JOIN command to join lines in different directions, removed source line on success
  • Removed grips and selection from deactivating document
  • Fixed crash in MOCORO with unsupported objects
  • Fixed exception in sds_getkword function with Dynamic Input
  • Fixed EXIT command after undo of REFEDIT session
  • Enlarged some combo in Dynamic Input tooltips configuration dialog
  • Changed the default colors (for LAZ files without RGB data) when importing a laz pointcloud file

Existing customers can upgrade this to latest patch by clicking on progeCAD -> Help Menu -> Check for updates command. New users can download the latest versions from our Downloads Section.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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