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Progecad 2018 professional india update 18.0.10 released

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ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India Update 18.0.10 Released

Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the oldest Partner of ProgeCAD in India since 2006, announces the release of new ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India update 18.0.10. 

Below is a detailed information about the improvements incorporated in this release:

  • Fixed not added new text style when created from table style editor
  • Fixed not working annotative checkbox on new dimension style
  • Fixed selection when cursor tries to select before text (MTEXT Editor)
  • Fixed selection of last char in dimension text or other middle aligned mtext (MTEXT Editor)
  • Removed chance to set width, height, length and scale of pointcloud entities to less or equal to 0
  • Added "proceed" option in textmask command
  • Fixed save path when path is over 90 chars
  • Fixed freeze when zooming in OLE image
  • Fixed table with exceeding column at the end (importing csv file or using eattext command)
  • Fixed wrong display for some stairs when in meters (EasyArch3D)
  • Fixed layouts order in publish command (now it\'s not ordered alphabetically)
  • Fixed command line version of mapimport command to avoid file selection dialog
  • Fixed editing of layer state name
  • Fixed display of Chinese text
  • Increased HATCH definition from 72 DPI to 600 DPI in EXPORT command
  • Increased HATCH definition from 72 DPI to 600 DPI in PUBLISH command
  • Fixed wrong scale switching from mm to inches in ADDFORM command
  • Fixed FIND with previous selection and blocks
  • Fixed automatically assigned ByBlock color instead of ByLayer in PLANE and SOLID commands
  • Fixed toolbar/ribbon not updated when SELECTIONPREVIEW system variable is 1
  • Fixed JOIN command in several conditions
  • Fixed refresh of table preview when changing the table style
  • Added editing of arctexts with the double click
  • Fixed load of localized commands from .NET dll
  • Fixed AREA and TRIM of hatches in some condition
  • Fixed wrong conversion between millimeters and inches in ADDFORMS command
  • Implemented selection of entities for WMFOUT command
  • Fixed transparent background for EMF and WMF according to WMFBKGCOLOR variable, increased resolution up to 10x to improve curved entities
  • Fixed bad value order into "AREA" command results
  • Fixed missing image drawing units in the image details (before the insertion of the image)
  • Added checkbox for ZOOMWHEEL system variable in OPTIONS > CROSSHAIRS
  • Fixed "DWG Wizard" not displayed on _NEW command when STARTUP variable is ON
  • Fixed issue that was causing the lost of the selection before _QDIM command
  • Added "Don\'t show anymore" checkbox in the message that appears when print configuration is not found and replaced with the default one
  • Fixed reset option in _-SCALELISTEDIT command
  • Fixed wrong setting of image scale from property dialog
  • Changed the minimum dimension of paper margins in ADDFORM from 0 to 6mm (which is the tolerance applied later)
  • Fixed the reset of arctext color when the edit dialog was opened
  • Fixed not enabling rename, delete and modify buttons in "Multiline Style" dialog
  • Fixed table border color applied only to table\'s last grid line and not to every cell
  • Fixed some issue moving palettes in multi monitor configurations
  • Fixed problem editing values in DIMSTYLE dialog when LUPREC system variable is set to 0
  • Fixed not working single line quote when upper and lower deviation tolerances are equal. Enabled "Display print styles" by default in print dialog
  • Added a message that alerts the user that by removing all DWG checks copyFrom/paste function may not work
  • Fixed duplication of the grid and duplicated count of "All(X)" items in property dialog

The new version is avaialable for download from our downloads page. Contact us for any more further details.

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