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Progecad maintenance patch ( released

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We have released maintenance patch version 7.2 ( Please make sure you upgrade this patch in your ProgeCAD 2013 software.

ProgeCAD 2013 -> Help -> Check for Updates (make sure you are connected to Internet).

Patch Release Notes:
Fixed crash drawing line over other line with ETRACK and apparent intersection
Fixed crash in lisp function
Fixed an error on external dimensioning for easyarch
Fixed crash moving cursor closing a drawing
Added a check to avoid division by 0
selection doesn’t set LASTPOINT variable like othercad
Fixed EntGetx, now it read any application name.
Changed LOGFILEMODE to 1 by default
Fixed MOVE command with ORTHO, now selection input doesn’t update LASTPOINT variable (as ACAD)
Fixed crash renaming a property layer filter
Implemented /L command line option to hide the splash screen
Fixed X Y and Z scale in the INSERT dialog when Uniform scaling is OFF
Fixed SURFACE name in the properties palette
Fixed crash with ESNAP over some spline entities
Fixed QKUNGROUPM command and delete SELECT GROUP from GROUP toolbar
Fixed BLOCK from objects option, default value and value saving and restoring
Implemented ETRACKDELAY (default to 200 ms) to delay etrack points acquisition
Fixed CIRCLE, ARC and ELLIPSE commands in DRAW toolbar
Changed default ACADLSPASDOC from 0 to 1. Now, icad.lsp is reloaded every time a drawing opens.
Fixed REVOLVE command with polylines, spline, arcs ovelapping or started from revolution axis