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Below is the change long for newversion 13.0.10:

Fixed save of position of toolbars.
Fixed a bug with 0 gap tolerance in hatch dialog.
Fixed property bar using visual styles from drawing not old visualization configurations
Fixed viewport ucsicon using ROTATE and INSERT commands
Fixed visualization of available commands in menu and toolbar customization dialog
Added “Open containing folder” command to window menu
Fixed position of UCSIcon changing viewpoint
Fixed some crashes on edit and creation commands
Fixed UCS bug with international options like _FRONT, _TOP, etc
Fixed UCS II toolbar, added new buttons
Fixed crash using snap CEN on some surfaces
Improved cursor speed when esnap is on, grid is off and at least one image is inserted
Fixed illumination factor for Easyarch windows
Fixed the bug with BYLAYER color selection in DDEDIT dialog
Fixed the bug with layer rename while creating the layer with a group active
Fixed hang after problem editing grip of a polyline
Fixed plotting window specification with ORTHO ON
Fixed perpendicular esnap with UCS different from global
Fixed POLAR with UCS not world
Added esnap menu to esnap context menu in status bar
Fixed Ortho and Polar on first point
Fixed insert image into layout
Fixed Direct Distance Entering with grips
Added use of Direct distance entering using ETrack points
Fixed printing image with setting FADE(image property)
Fixed @ operator.
Improved Paper space esnap
Fixed the bug with LAYERS dialog on creating new drawing
Fixed freeze on QDIM command
Fixed the bug with GAP TOLERANCE in BHATCH dialog. Added a variable to remember the BHATCH dialog width
Fixed the bug with a horizontal line in the ruler in the MTEXT dialog
Fixed the bug with layer rename and implemented the assignment of a layer to a selected group filter
Fixed paper space esnap and improved etrack functions
Center snap is not detected is move the cursor to the center of a circle located in a viewport
PASTESPEC to have more choices when pasting region from Excel
Some snaps are not detected if enable Nearest and Extension snaps
Only two quadrant snaps are detected for a circle in a viewport
Nearest snap glyph is not displayed if enable Nearest and Parallel snaps
Wrong snap is detected if enable parallel, intersection and tangent snaps
PEDIT -> Edit vertices, glyph does not show until mouse is moved
Fixed DIMRADIUS on TTR trimmed circle get dim text mirrored
When Autocomplete feature is enabled – it may cause to impossibility to choose the drawing in file dialog
LIST should display the material if it is not By layer
unable to define a circle specifing its radius (inches value)
Entities doesn’t appear after undo of hide layer using Explorer
MASSPROPIncorrect “Bounding Box” field’s value after saving
VPLAYER to support wildcards in layer names
-Layer does not print a message when trying to freeze the current
Fixed creation of an OdDbMaterial object via (entmake)
Fixed crash in ESNAP on polyline during ROTATE and view rotating with CTRL+Mouse
LISP – Not equal [ /= ] does not work properly in case of lists
Graphic disappears if run 3DORBIT and grab left/right circle on the rotation sphere
Fixed Crash during print
Fixed MTEXT tabulation in MTEXT editor
COPY command with enabled ortho creates wrong entity
STYLE command can lead to deadlock and data loss on Escaping
ATTEXT – Cannot extract attribute data from a dwg.
With esnap extension can’t acquire etrack point using Mid
Pressing ESC on INSERT command ads returned code is RTNORM not RTCAN
Redefine existing block does not work properly
The TAG of attributes and AttDefs are not created in Uppercase
LISP (entget) doesn’t extract XDATA for entities in attached drawing
Changing the background color is not updated all open drawings