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Progecad new patch released

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We have released a New Maintenance Pack with following fixes/enhancements:

  • Fixed REVOLVE command.
  • Set to OFF the default value of “Display Snap aperture box” and “Auto snap magnet”.
  • Changed command “Select All” to “Select main” that enables End, Cen, Mid, Nod, Per, Qua, Int, Ins esnaps.
  • Fixed add of etrack point with etrack OFF and EXTension point only on end of entity.
  • Fixed add of etrack points with active PAR and EXT.
  • Fixed crash setting layer name with trailing space.
  • Fixed crash changing color to a white layer.
  • Fixed the problem with angle resetting in EXTRUDE command.
  • Fixed PERP priority in standard use (non in deferred mode).
  • Fixed ORTHO issue with copy command.
  • Fixed problem creating block with ending space.
  • Fixed toolbar and menu command: set all layers of/on, freeze/thaw.
  • Fixed the problem with thumbnail display in new wizard dialog.
  • Fixed problem setting ORTHO after command is started.
  • Fixed MID point with INT or APPINT.
  • Fixed osnap PERP tracking line when UCS is rotated.
  • Fixed priority of TAN and PERP over other esnaps.
  • Fixed UCS command after delete of active UCS with VBA Fixed CIRCLE TTR.
  • Fixed crash using some esnap in some situation drawing arcs Updated EasyArch foreign files.
  • Added FINDTEXTINT variable to remove intersection esnap between texts.
  • Fixed insert of image using current UCS like autocad.
  • Added Easyarch manual for foreign languages.
  • Fixed INT esnap when PAR is on, now it displays right glyph.
  • Fixed ETRACK acquisition with EXT enabled.
  • Fixed method InsertBlock(VBA) on inserting from file.
  • Fixed crash using esnap TAN over hatches.
  • Fixed crash using TAB to cycle through esnap.
  • Fixed use of parallel snap, now pcad displays parallel esnap only one time and after is ignored.
  • Fixed PERP esnap with ORTHO.
  • Fixed several bugs with groups filter in layer dialog.
  • Fixed activation of new PDF printer when drawing are set to old version.
  • Fixed Enter key on first dialog in EATTEXT.
  • Fixed saving UNICODE files.
  • Fixed crash drawing line over other line with ETRACK and apparent intersection.
  • Fixed Dim Unit and Alt Format selection in the properties palette of the DIMENSION entity.
  • Added check to remove excessive and useless layer filters (when layer filters are more than layers).
  • Implemented a block selection dialog in case of REFEDIT on nested blocks.
  • Fixed the fact that “Select All” and “Clear” buttons were influencing “Disable Entity Snaps” in the Snaps dialog.
  • Fixed reload on layer list in some circumstances.
  • Fixed problems with AIDIMPREC and AIDIMTEXT with DIMENSION entities
    Fixed an error on external dimensioning for easyarch.