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Progecad version released

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ProgeCAD Patch ( for 2014 version released. Here is the direct download link of the patch:

Alternately, the patch can be updated from inside ProgeCAD -> Help -> Check for updates (while connected to internet).

Below is the detailed log of updates/fixes in this maintenance release:

Fixed: MTEXT format gets corrupted after editing
Fixed: Ortho is not working when select an entity
Fixed: Extrude error - Wrong EXTRUSION by path
Fixed: sds_getpoint is not showing message for invalid input  
Fixed: MENU path is not deleted from search paths
Fixed: Paper size is reset when printer is not found
Fixed: Crash during switching layouts
Fixed: FILLET creates bad fillet when FILLETRAD is greater than possible arc's radius
Fixed: No preview while creating a spline
Fixed: FLATTEN command missing output
Fixed: Crash on exit after some operations with Drawing Explorer
Fixed print and preview of "\U+XXXX" unicode texts
Fixed ARTGR + E for Euro symbol in mtext dialog
Fixed etrack with additional angle setting
Updated pdf2cad
Fixed check of large double number
Fixed problem saving in R13 version
Added color button to snap aperture panel
Added button to open explorer in printer styles window
Disabled ESNAP with SNAPGRIDLEGACY set to ON without active command
Fixed DELOBJ variable with SWEEP command
Fixed sweep object after regen
Fixed crash with esnap on ACIS
Fixed REVOLVE command to remove selected objects (path and revolved objects)
Fixed DIST in PSPACE viewport clicking on polyline
Fixed eattext dialog with languages different from eng
Fixed exception moving sphere with grip with SOLIDGRIPS ON
Fixed GRIP with NWUCS
Fixed right click and ENTER to terminate grip edit
Added CTRL to copy entity using grip
Added multiline mode
Fixed HATCH dialog, now it reloads custom and user defined patterns
Selected by default the default Profile
Disabled export button for default profile
Fixed load of pc3 settings, use paper size from dialog and B/W vs color
Fixed drawing open with nested xref
Fixed: When dragging line/polyline vertices by grips, elevation is reset to current ELEVATION value
Fixed: Toolbars rearranged wrong when there are empty spaces between them
Fixed print unexpected error: DirectoryFull
Changed default of SOLIDGRIPS to 1
Restored _GOTOFAQ command
Fixed ORTHO in Z direction
Fixed WEDGE command with ORTHO ON
Fixed crash changing main dictionary in SPELL dialog
Fixed insert table from CSV comma separated
Added all dictionary to installation folder and set default dictionary
Fixed order layers color
Enabled _EDITLEN Icons
Fixed linetype combo box
Fixed EXPLODE command for polyline and nested blocks
Fixed command line HATCH command to select entities from floodfill algorithm
Fixed speed of hatch algorithm
Fixed lost of focus for command hint list
Fixed open of read-only DXF files version 2013
Fixed problems with zooming out when one of the viewports in Layout is very small
Fixed wrong extrusion following a path
Fixed: If a line is drawn after Zoom-In to the limit, then the line disappears.
Fixed: Inverted RGB colors during the PDF EXPORTATION
Fixed: Export a drawing with images to PDF creates huge and corrupted pdf
Fixed: Setting "Recent drawing list size" (NFILELIST) to 0 leads to ICAD crash on drawing opening
Fixed: Fixed hatch boundary algorithm with overlapped edges
Fixed context menu with old menus read from registry
Fixed EasyArch stair construction bug when changing to meter units
Fixed color string in General property panel
Added support to the Large Buttons
Added 3D Box properties to property palette (only reading of geometric values from object, cannot modify yet)
Fixed wrong sentence in table properties
Added CTRL+A to layer property palette
Fixed Table creation dialog to store and reuse data
Fixed edit using 3D solid grips and improved performances
Fixed LOFT command removing "construction" solids
Implemented PDF/A for PDF printer
Fixed QLEADER removing "flash" at 0,0 starting jig
Fixed mtext option in QLEADER command
Fixed Alignment of MTEXT in QLEADER command
Added support to Multiline attribute in EATTEDIT dialog
Added icedEditMTextInteractive to IRX
Fixed crash in BATTMAN dialog changing TAG of attribute definition
Fixed stretch of Hatches to maintain associate objects
Reset previous selection starting STRETCH
Fixed STRETCH command with HATCH
Added option to preserve thickness values into DOCFAEXPORT command
Fixed memory loading accelerators
Fixed EXPLODE during refedit session
Fixed DIMCONTINUE command on paper space viewports
Implemented frame around text of QLEADER
Enabled scrollbars during dragging operations (LINE, MOVE, COPY etc...)
Fixed some texts in crashreport dialog
Fixed boundary finding procedure with overlapped edges
Improved hatch area algorithm with non visible boundaries, removed UCSICON and GRID enable and disable
Fixed hatch boundary algorithm to find the right way to close a path
Fixed QSELECT with custom objects
Fixed bug footer constrain
Fixed many errors with a VBA that opens and closes multiple drawings
Fixed area of hatches and added Area property in VB
Fixed Hatch with blocks and strange geometrics problem to decide if a point is outside a polygon
Fixed COPYM command with ACIS objects
Fixed COPYM with measure option
Added vl-load-com lisp function
Fixed crash that occurs while loading user folder with specific drawings
Fixed ACIS solid corruption after closing and re-opening a drawing
Fixed TRIM command for 2D and 3D polyline
Fixed print preview. In some circumstances, vectorization was failing and some items were not visible
Fixed erroneous random generation of icadplot.log file
Fixed zoom extension issue with splines having overlapping points
Fixed custom icon that was causing error messages
Added some controls to palette features to avoid crashes
Fixed occasional crashes while opening some files
Fixed polyface mesh that were not displayed