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Greetings! Tons of thanks for your excellent instant support. Delighted with your support. Have a nice time. Kind Regards, Sathish Kumar Barla Cyient

Satishkumar Barla | 22-Sep-2015

After using the software iam able give the review comments.

Ar.Devender Goud | 19-Sep-2015

Thank you ProgeCAD team for your quick response to our request and support. We will install ProgeCAD 2016 in our systems. Regards, Prof E. Vijayaragavan, Assistant Professor (Selection Grade), Department of Mechanical Engineering, SRM University,Kattankulathur - 603203

Prof E. Vijayaragavan, | 14-Jul-2015

I am no stranger to progeCAD. I am an Architect & Interior Designer handling a variety of projects including quite sophisticated projects.

We are veterans in CAD since 1996. When my office switched over to progeCAD when 2011 version came with a special Indian Price tag, that was the wisest move I had made in the whole of my professional life. When I said my office switched over, it was a literal fact - we did not transition - simply switched over - as the transitioning time from the frightfully expensive CAD to progeCAD was only half a day to my staff and to my own self.

And when newer versions rolled by, every new version brought added features that were nearly closing the gap between progeCAD & the expensive CAD. Yes, progeCAD in India costs less than 1/10th the price of the Full Version CAD and less than 1/3rd the price of its younger brother, the lighter version of CAD which had 2d capabilities with much lesser 2D features than its bigger brother. So even as a 2D CAD it was deprived of many advanced 2 D functionalities which the bigger brother had.

Now coming to progeCAD & its latest stalwart version - progeCAD 2016. YES, it is a stalwart version !! Rock solid software, fast & efficient - even on lean hardware computers - as against the expensive CAD - even the lighter version of that CAD today requires a basic workstation class computer to do even 2D drawings - whereas progeCAD 2016 would run on a lower end laptop also. I consider this as a very important factor as it is not possible to revamp the entire computer setup in an office every 2 or 3 years - not a practicality in India. I have the "lighter" version of the Big CAD 2014 on 5 of my computers installed concurrently with progeCAD.. These are Core-i3 with 8 GB RAM with Nvidia GT 630 graphics cards with 2 GB VRAM. While progeCAD runs effortlessly & superbly on these machines (even with much leaner hardware too - which my friends have), the other CAD limps & stalls every now & then. So since the last 2 years my staff have never launched that program and they are more than satisfied with progeCAD. And I did not renew my subscription to the expensive “lighter” version of the Big CAD. Every year it is getting more & more expensive and demanding more & more power from the computer - and it became a very painful annual expenditure. And with their latest new policies and much bloated prices, one would think 4 times before putting their hard earned money with that program.

And when it goes rental only from next year onwards, the rental price is so prohibitive that one would faint on hearing the price - you could buy 3 copies /perpetual licenses for progeCAD for one year's rental price for one copy of the Big CAD. With progeCAD one gets the best value for every Rupee spent. This is what India requires.

We routinely produce not less than 300 detailed drawing sheets for an individual Bungalow/ Villa and about 1000 drawings for star hotels etc. And we have not had any trouble doing these on progeCAD nor any loss of productivity when compared with the expensive CAD. And the latest version progeCAD 2016 will do much more. And with the customization capabilities of progeCAD (you cannot customize the "lighter version" of the Big CAD), including LISP - which my office uses extensively, productivity boost is very evident.

Coming to the new functionalities of the 2016 version, it has now become a highly capable 3d program also. Dynamic UCS in 3D - normally found only in very expensive cad programs is now available in progeCAD 2016. And a highly acceptable rendering engine which would produce 3D renderings has been always available with improvements in each version and this version is no exception. My architect friends who are using progeCAD are doing 3D works also in progeCAD and have confirmed to me that it is very satisfactory.

The new FLATSHOT command brings a new capability in extracting a 2D Drawing (not a 2D view) and placing it as a separate block . So 2D Elevation drawings could be extracted from a 3d model. This brings it even closer to the expensive CAD in terms of 3d solutions. I am writing this review from an architect & interior designer's point of view. But this 2016 version has a host of other new features for professionals in other disciplines of Engineering. (which I have not explored nor used). progeCAD has some exclusive features which are highly useful in day-to-day works when the expensive CAD does not have. Converting a PDF drawing file to a .dwg format can be done with ease with the pdf converter plugin readily available within progeCAD. I have found that this does a much superior job in giving clean .dwg drawings including the layer contents on different layers - which even the expensive pdf to dwg converter sold separately by 3rd parties fail to do. And the expensive CAD does not even have this mostly used utility. Same goes with Raster to Vector converter plugin readily available within progeCAD - a hassle free converter for scanned images - we find both these tools very useful in our day to day work.

And the EasyArch 3d which was introduced in the 2014 version continues in this version too. While I had not tried out this feature in the earlier version, I did a lot of exploration of this in this version and it looks very promising for me to show quick 3d views to give a general idea of the building during the very early phase of designing the building.

If somebody asked me on sustainability with running cad programs, then progeCAD is the way to go. One would never regret - it is an investment rather than an expenditure.

Sivakumar P.R.S. | 30-Apr-2015

Many thanks! Great software, great support = happy customer!

JESPER | 16-Jan-2015

Greetings & my Hearty Congratulations to the development team of ProgeCAD 2014. I am very pleased to inform you that 2014 version runs very well on all Operating Systems, XP 32 bit, Vista 64 bit, & Win 7 64 bit (Since I do not have Windows 8 / 8.1, I cannot comment on that - I am sure it runs well). It also runs very well on all the different combinations/configurations of Computer / Graphics card - even on a humble 6 year old dual core desktop with an old generation graphics card (GeForce 8 series). I consider this as a major breakthrough in the development of progeCAD. Not to mention the new exciting features - they speak for themselves. I have no complaints this time ! - only appreciations !!

Ar.P.R.S. Sivakumar | 10-Feb-2014