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When i open a drawing made with autocad the text is not properly aligned. how can i solve it

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It is a matter of font. The drawing opened uses an AutoCAD font. Anyone who owns a regular AutoCAD licence can use, besides the numerous fonts available with progeCAD , also the fonts supplied with AutoCAD. Just open the Tools menu. Under Options in Path/File in Fonts, add the fonts'' installation path. For ex.: C:Program FilesAutoCAD R14Fonts. For the 2000 version of AutoCAD the simplex font can be found in Support directory. You can add this path too (For ex.: C:AutoCAD LT 2000Fonts;C:AutoCAD LT 2000Support) or copy this font to the folder Fonts of AutoCAD 2000. This guarantees a perfect display of any project using the simplex.shx font