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Will truetype fonts slowdown progecad

progecad jytra advantages

Two of my friends were complaining to me that progeCAD is very slow and heavy on their computers. They have mixed configurations, from Dual Core to Core-i3. Dual core suffered the most. But I kept on telling them that my staff & I had no problems like this at all. And my Home computer is Dual Core and that too handles progeCAD quite well.

Yesterday I accidentally found out from the drawings sent by my structural engineer - Mr.Narendrakumar who has 15

copies of progeCAD - that his office was now using True Type fonts.  (Earlier they were using only SHX fonts - Roman-S. We, in our office use Roman-S only - we have never used true-type). It was only a small 250 KB file but zooming & panning on the dual core computer was slow and it became heavy on the system. I suspected on the true-type fonts and changed them to Roman-S. Immediately everything was normal and fast.

So if anybody complains to you regarding slow operations in progeCAD, probably it is because of the true-type fonts and you can advise them to change to any SHX fonts and the increase in speed in tremendous - especially with slow computers