ProgeCAD 2024 Professional India Released

24 Mar 2023, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

Murari Software Solutions announces the releaes of ProgeCAD 2024 Professional India version. Below is a list of improvements in this major release:

  • Latest IntelliCAD 11.1 Engine
  • Optimized selection performance
  • Faster polyline vectorization
  • Fast Zoom and Pan performance/li>
  • Quick Select 2x faster in large drawings
  • Introduced View Cube in Graphics Widow
  • Insert blocks preview into Table Cells
  • New function for the UCS command
  • Preview Sheet on print
  • New command REGENVISIBLE
  • Improved TOOLPALETTE
  • Command Line Font Dialog
  • Restore suppressed messages
  • GRIP improvements for clipped blocks
  • New CTRL+R function
  • New 3DWALK feature
  • New 3DFLY feature
  • New 3DPOSITIONER feature
  • New Data Link Feature for Table Cells
  • XLSIMPORT to Table
  • MAPIMPORT - Geo Data and FDO Import
  • MAPIMPORT - Geo Data and FDO Import
  • Improved Geolocation Feature
  • New Express command - Smart Join
  • New Lay Mege Command
  • New AIDIMSTYLE command
  • New BREAKATPOINT command
  • Import IFC and REVIT with Layers
  • Improved commands QDIM, PDFEXPORT, OFFSET, STEP/IGES Import, Blocks Filter, Big Font substitution etc.
  • Support for Autodesk® Revit® 2023 files
  • Improved Network License Technology
  • ProgeCAD 2024 Professional INDIA can be downloaded from this page.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.14 Released

    22 Sep 2022, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeSOFT has released Update 22.0.14 for progeCAD 2022 Professional India. All software improvements and fixes available with Update 22.0.14 can be consulted in the list here below:

  • Fixed crash selecting specific hatch
  • Fixed zoom on entity in FIND command without "zoom after replace" option
  • Margins set in Table Style are now loaded correctly in table creation menu
  • Fixed EATTEDIT prompt messages
  • Fixed open of drawing with bad constraints
  • Fixed behavior of prompt boxes. Added new variable PROMPTBOXES to enable/disable prompt boxes. Right click menu is now regulated only by the variable SHORTCUTMENU
  • Now creating a new table style copies the base one successfully
  • Fixed Table Styles preview
  • Added "Match Cell" and "Field" buttons to Table Cell context ribbon
  • Fixed prompt menu when command is not active
  • Added "Alignement" button to the Table toolbar for the Classic workspaces
  • Fixed crash using table with block in cell
  • Fixed freeze searching closed boundary in a drawing
  • Fixed SUPERHATCH with circle island in area
  • Fixed SUPERHATCH with rectangular "hole" in area
  • Added double click to edit block in table cell
  • Fixed crash on edit table cell with block. Using "Format Locking" option
  • Added "Block" button to "Insert" panel of "Table Cell" contextual ribbon
  • Added TBB and TINSERT aliases of TABLEINSERTBLK command
  • Fixed ARC command from Lisp
  • Fixed contextual menu on mouse button down
  • Removed display of options list when DYNMODE < 0
  • Changed ZOOM level on FIND command, Implemented FINDZOOMSCALE variable to set scale zoom level (default 5.0)
  • Improved drawing templates dropdown menu in Start Page. Now it will display a vertical scrollbar if the list of the templates is too long
  • Exising users of ProgeCAD 2022 can use CHECKFORUPDATES command to get this latest version applied automatically thorugh internet. New users can download the latest version from our download page here.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.12 Released

    21 Jul 2022, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Added IGESSTEPEXPORTSCALE variable to options dialog(command IGESSTEPOPTIONS)
    • Added REVERSE command
    • Added dxf format to publish
    • Added extension DWFX to DWFIN command
    • Added tooltips for NETWORKSEARCHTIMEOUT in performance Dialog
    • Added zoom option to FIND dialog
    • CHANGELOG: Fixed freeze using esnap on big block
    • F12 key didn't change Dynamic Input icon in Status bar
    • Fixed CENTERLINE command
    • Fixed Crash with Zoom Extents
    • Fixed ESNAP center of closed splines
    • Fixed EXPORT command when file already exists
    • Fixed IGESOUT/STEPOUT command to be used from scripts
    • Fixed LMAN dialog to restore layer settings
    • Fixed PUBLISH of multiple DWF files
    • Fixed Page Setup associated to a Layout Space not visible in Plot dialog
    • Fixed ROTATE command with DININPUT,ANGBASE/ANGDIR modified
    • Fixed area calculation in specific hatch
    • Fixed area of hatches
    • Fixed calculation of hatch area in case of trimmed hatches
    • Fixed change of XCLIP boundary on block pasted in another drawing
    • Fixed color names in the non-English version of the Selection Palette
    • Fixed crash closing palette activating a drawing from start page
    • Fixed crash in image manager drawing images stored on unresponsive file system (NAS)
    • Fixed crash in property palette
    • Fixed crash using QDIM command
    • Fixed crash with SETTINGS dialog with AECOBJECTS = 0
    • Fixed display of broken mechanical entities
    • Fixed enter of multiple point text in table cell
    • Fixed fade of entities outside of refedit set starting REFEDIT command
    • Fixed grip edit ESNAP now prevails over ORTHO and GRID
    • Fixed grip position of rotated array objects
    • Fixed hatch boundary recognition in some drawings
    • Fixed message in WIPEOUT command
    • Fixed pick of first point of MLEADER with ESNAP
    • Fixed pointer behavior in SOLIDEDIT command
    • Fixed polar ARRAY ribbon controls to change angle filled, angle between
    • Fixed print and preview of OLE objects in block in paperspace
    • Fixed regen of xclipped blocks using clip frame grip
    • Fixed selection command with lower case letters, in dynamic input list
    • Fixed set and save of crosshair related colors
    • Fixed set of columns and rows of rectangular array using dynamic input controls
    • Fixed vl-princ-to-string to deny print of source of lisp function
    • Improved DWG file extension association to progeCAD
    • Improved response of click over tool palette
    • Improved speed of esnap over 3d solids
    • Improved speed of open of drawing with 3d solid objects
    • Improved speed to show BEDIT dialog with many blocks
    • Improved the messagebox that is displayed after user released tokens in NLM Server Monitor
    • Now BURST command explodes pre-selected entities
    • Now TXTEXP command explodes pre-selected entities
    • Partially fixed wrong PREVIEW of DIMENSIONS TEXT during COPY>PASTE operation
    • Properties height and width of Custom Paper size when plotting PDF with the progeCAD PDF Virtual Printer are limited to 3200 mm (or 126 inches). To achieve higher page sizes use ADDFORMAT.
    • Reduced size of DXF file removing preview image from file
    • Slow switching when editing table cells
    • Users can now choose if the dragged file onto the drawing area is opened or imported into the current drawing
    • Using command BEDIT on dynamic blocks now tells the user to use REFEDIT command instead
    • VBA: Changed SendCommand to make it sync with VBA execution. Added SENDCOMMANDSYNC variable to restore previous behaviour
    • VBA: Fixed Boolean operation on regions
    • VBA: Fixed VBA area property of hatch
    • VSLIDE not hiding background drawing

    The new version is available for download on Existing users can use CheckForUpdates command to get this latest version automatically.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.11 Released

    24 May 2022, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Fixed disappear of toolbars after minimize and restore of progeCAD from Windows application bar
    • Fixed regen of curved shx text and arcs
    • Fixed crash of Artisan Render application with AMD graphic cards

    The new version is available for download on Existing users can use CheckForUpdates command to get this latest version automatically.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.10 Released

    17 May 2022, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Fixed many problems with NVidia QUADRO GPU, Fixed NVIDIA Quadro profile for progeCAD
    • Added SETNVIDIAPROFILE variable 0 = don't change NVIDIA profile 1 = setup NVIDIA profile 2 = remove
    • Fixed enter of text with multiple point table cell
    • Fixed CENTERLINE command
    • Fixed crash using XLINE
    • Removed esnap meanwhile dynamic input option list is visible
    • After doing double-click on a DXF file, use _OPEN command to open the dxf file if DRAGOPEN system variable is ON
    • Fixed text height of MLEADER with annotative style
    • Fixed save of alias after import a PGP/ICA file
    • Fixed -TOOLBAR not recognizing "All" option if only "A" character is specified
    • Added variable IGESSTEPEXPORTSCALE to set export IGES scale
    • Fixed HATCH of simple area
    • Fixed place of HATCH in specific drawing
    • Fixed dynamic input with angle notation Degrees/Minutes/Seconds
    • Fixed creation of dimensions with scrollbars on
    • Fixed NODE snap with PDMODE different from 0 on points in block
    • Fixed OVERKILL with overlapping circles
    • Fixed hide/display of entities turning on/off a layer
    • Fixed height of solids operations (EXTRUDE, BOX, etc) with architectural units
    • Fixed MULTIPLOT with combine option enabled on progeCAD in C: disk
    • Fixed crash getting area of hatch with bad poliline boundary
    • Added some option to PUBLISH dialog : optimized PDF, open file after generation, hatch creation, merge color of crossing lines
    • Implemented variable PUBLISHPDFTYPE to use different PDF generation to create smaller PDF files
    • Fixed display of lineweight in a drawing
    • Add support for Alt+Return to create multiline text in table cells
    • Fixed lisp function vlax-curve-getParamAtPoint
    • Fixed battman command
    • Fixed box command with rotated UCS
    • Fixed placement of hatch in closed area
    • Fixed rotation point specifing reference angle and points
    • Fixed position of ruler in MTEXT editor with a specific text
    • Fixed open of file from read-only path
    • Pointcloud: Fixed search of rcs file in subfolder of rcp file
    • Improved creation of ARC/CIRCLE in FLATSHOT/SOLPROF commands
    • Fixed extrusion height and direction using esnap
    • Fixed _EXTRUDE command not recognizing the options keywords (in the non-English versions) when prompting for the height of extrusion
    • Improved open of drawing with images on missing network path, Improved IMAGE dialog using images on missing networkpath
    • Improved speed of print from layout
    • Fixed Dynamic Input not recognize some options
    • Fixed DIMBREAK manual option
    • Fixed PASTESPEC of excel table containing korean text
    • New method(properties dialog) to associate dwg to progecad
    • Fixed crash using OPTIONS dialog without any drawing
    • Improved speed of execution of LISP
    • Command POINTSExport, add order for output file
    • Fixed REVOLVE to create 3d solids from open curve
    • Improved speed of selection of many entities (>10000) with property palette
    • Improved speed of EXPLODE command, Added progress bar
    • Removed greyed window (with "wait..." and "close application" buttons) during long operations
    • Fixed crash printing PDF with layer

    The new version is available for download on Existing users can use CheckForUpdates command to get this latest version automatically.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.8 Released

    29 Mar 2022, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Fixed crash printing PDF with layer
    • Disabled PDF layer default
    • Fixed open of drawing with many XREF
    • Fixed crash opening OPTIONS dialog
    • Improved PAN performance
    • Fixed display of missing external reference dialog box
    • Fixed open of DWF file generated by PRINT command
    • Stored default path used to print PDF and JPG files
    • Fixed lisp entmod on 3d solids entity it created corrupted entity
    • Fixed crash using intersection esnap in a specific drawing
    • Improved speed of zoom in drawings with many XREF
    • Fixed MERGE option not working properly when converting a multipage PDF into DWG
    • Removed lag starting dragging entities in commands MOVE, COPY, etc
    • Fixed MAIL command
    • Fixed resize of cancel button in XREF dialog
    • Fixed field evaluation in attribute of dynamic block
    • Fixed OFFSET for a complex polyline profile
    • Fixed localization of date in start page
    • Added new bigfont files in BIGFONT.INI to improve compatibility with Asian language
    • Fixed display of korean text using korean bigfont
    • Fixed offset of face of 3d SOLID using CTRL+click
    • Fixed display of 3d Solids with ISOLINES = 0
    • Fixed display of isolines made by splines in 3d solids
    • Fixed crash using UNDO, REDO on LAYOUT command
    • Improved OSNAP on 3d Solids
    • Fixed EXTMAX and EXTMIN variable with MTEXT objects
    • Fixed display of dimension radius/diameter with lineweight and antialiasing enabled
    • Placed on top "Custom" paper size in paper list in pdf printer property dialog
    • Implemented Extend for splines
    • Added Geographic option to COORDINATE command
    • Implemented INTERSECT on 3D surface objects
    • Fixed OFFSET on DONUT object
    • Fixed intersection between 2 ETRACKs points
    • Fixed highlight and grips of multiple selected 3d solid faces
    • Fixed display of 3D solids with one face selected and antialiasing
    • Fixed crash setting viewport linetype with layer palette
    • Fixed CONVTOSOLID command
    • Fixed crash trimming hatch with spline
    • Fixed grip edit with ORTHO in isometric mode
    • Fixed BEDIT on block with proxy

    The new version is available for download on Existing users can use CheckForUpdates command to get this latest version automatically.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.6 Released

    13 Dec 2022, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Fixed crash in options dialog
    • Fixed crash closing progeCAD
    • Fixed count of files to delete in temp path
    • Fixed display of RCP/RCS point cloud
    • Fixed problem using a drawing on QUADRO video card
    • Fixed Korean texts not being displayed correctly in "New Sheet Set" wizard
    • Fixed size of a few controls in "New Sheet Set" wizard
    • Implemented new faster OVERKILL command, old version renamed to LEGACYOVERKILL
    • Fixed SCALE precision using expression with dynamic input
    • Partially fixed HATCH boundary calculation with HPISLANDDETECTIONMODE = 0
    • Improved speed of load and display of PCG point clouds
    • Fixed load of PCG point clouds
    • Removed lock of application displaying preview of block in REFEDIT and BEDIT dialogs
    • Fixed creation of dimensions in paperspace using esnap to modelspace entities
    • Fixed open of drawing with MAP objects
    • Fixed SUBTRACT command that creates corrupted 3d solid entity
    • Fixed box command with rotated UCS
    • Fixed order of papers in paper margin dialog
    • Fixed set of paper margins using PMP files
    • Fixed wrong large icon for the "Pin the Toolbar to Current Position" button of the MTEXT toolbar
    • Fixed fast command start typing only a part of command (eg : DATA for DATAEXTRACTION)
    • Added "View Transitions" button in Options dialog
    • Improved speed of cursor typing commands
    • Fixed esnap on LWPOLYLINE with coincident points
    • Fixed selection delay in a drawing with many groups
    • Changed ZOOMTIMEOUT behaviour : after timeout now progeCAD draws 1 entity every 20 inside blocks
    • Fixed display of entity after ZOOM with RTDISPLAY = 0
    • Fixed loose of bitmap changing position of toolbar button
    • Fixed NETLOAD command requesting DLL name twice
    • Fixed crosshair cursor during input of command
    • Fixed COPYCLIP of set of entities with some proxy
    • Fixed IMPORT of IFC file with errors in representation

    The new version is available for download on Existing users can use CheckForUpdates command to get this latest version automatically.

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Update 22.0.4 Released

    08 Dec 2021, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Fixed change of active dictionary used in SPELL command
    • Fixed TRIM using BLOCK reference as trimming edge
    • Disabled incremental save when user choose different default SAVE format
    • Fixed file version using QSAVE command, file saved in previous dwg version maintains that version
    • Fixed TRIM using ENTER to select all in NWUCS
    • Fixed trim using ENTER of vertical segments
    • Fixed FILLET with radius = 0
    • Added units combo box on SJT command
    • Fixed select entities counting message in LOFT command
    • Fixed multiple TRIM on POLYLINE objects
    • Fixed trim of specified object pressing ENTER to select trimming curve
    • Fixed open of drawing with AutoCAD® map objects
    • Fixed PASTE of OLE objects
    • Added BIM files in WOOD command
    • Added BIM files in IMPORT command
    • Fixed esnap on 3d solids in Hidden line view
    • Fixed crash starting progecad or resuming from suspending state
    • Added search in SETTINGS dialog
    • Fixed hangs using ARRAYEDIT in ARRAYSOURCE edit session
    • Fixed ELEVATIONLINE command with not world UCS
    • Improved speed of zoom with clipped xref
    • Fixed SLICE command in non world UCS
    • Fixed SECTIONLINE command in UCS different from world
    • Restored use of wildcards in QSELECT dialog
    • Fixed double regeneration opening drawing with XREF

    The new version is available for download on

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India Released

    08 Dec 2021, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2022 Professional India version released today. Below is a detailed improvements in this new release:

    • Implemented IntelliCAD 10.1 engine
    • All new geometric library based on ODA technology
    • Improved Open, Regen, and Layout switch performance
    • Implemented incremental save as an option through sysvar ENABLEINCREMENTALSAVE
    • Faster and more accurate Osnap points detection
    • Multiline, Multileader and Tables text is automatically checked for spelling while typing
    • All new powerful 3DConnexion mice are now supported
    • Optimized selection performance
    • Improved performance for Lisp GRDRAW
    • Improved API methods
    • Implemented new Start Page
    • Search in Options and Drawing Settings Dialog
    • New View Manager Dialog
    • TPNAVIGATE command which displays a specified tool palette or a palette group. Improved GUI customization
    • Improved CUI Dialog for customization
    • Implemented Sheet sets manager
    • Dynamic input feature on Grips
    • All new Table creation and editing
    • Improved 3D Solid grips
    • Implemented dynamic view transitions
    • The new version is available for download on

    ProgeCAD 2021 New Updated 21.0.6 Released

    25 Feb 2021, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2021 Professional new update 21.0.6 is released now. Below is a detailed log of fixes and improvements:

    • Fixed the height of the Find&Replace dialog when the TOP of the program is not aligned with the TOP of the screen
    • Fixed REFCLOSE in case of editing XREF using REFEDIT
    • Fixed display of point style in SETTINGS dialog
    • Fixed delete of unused files in temp and in backup folder
    • Replaced _CUSTOMIZE with _CUI. Changed command associated with QCUI alias
    • Fixed set of active view from VIEW dialog, now it doesn't need a double "Set current" to activate it
    • Fixed PLAN command to disable front and back clipping plane
    • Fixed open time and anomal memory usage opening drawing with clipped blocks
    • Fixed transparency of polygon selection window and circle selection window
    • Fixed z displacement using associative array
    • Fixed STRETCH command in a drawing with bad mechanical entities
    • Fixed crash using color combobox in property palette
    • Added check to avoid crash in FILLET command
    • Updated library to import various file formats
    • Fixed PYRAMID command in NWUCS
    • Fixed set of 3D SOLID color also when a subentity has RGB color
    • Fixed crash opening a drawing with FIELD in attributes
    • Fixed set of color when ACIS subentity already has a RGB color
    • Activated Dynamic UCS for PYRAMID command
    • Fixed background color of PDF export
    • Fixed RGB color of acis 3d object
    • Updated solidworks import library
    • Added check to avoid crash opening a drawing from start page using mouse wheel
    • Fixed crash in 3dConnexion module
    • Fixed insertion point and scale of image inserted using positioning file
    • Fixed crash on selection
    • Fixed crash clicking on start page during load of drawing
    • Implemented BLOCKCACHELIMIT variable
    • Fixed EasyArch edit scale dialog
    • Changed value of SAVETHUMBNAIL variable to fix crash saving drawing and enlarged to 512 pixels generated thumbnail size
    • Fixed priority of commands in command list
    • Fixed crash copying or moving an entity with wrong dimension association
    • Partially fixed problem trimming spline entity with another spline
    • Fixed open of drawing from start page: if drawing has missing xref and user choose to update path of missing xref a regen fails and create an unresponsive state
    • Fixed command list typing on command line, Fixed localization of alias command list
    • Fixed double click action on entities placed on locked layer
    • Disabled ARRAYASSOCIATIVITY with 3DARRAY command
    • Fixed crash selecting array entities
    • Changed backup folder to "progeCAD backup drawings". Implemented clear of old backup files using CHECKTEMPFOLDER variable
    • Added BACKUPOPEN variable to backup drawings in temp folder before open
    • Improved PDF2CAD command: now it will check input files list before starting the conversion thread
    • Fixed freeze during REGEN on very high zoom in a drawing with complex linetype
    • Improved Quick Properties Configuration dialog: - Fixed the way string resources are loaded
    • Fixed disappear of some entity after REFCLOSE
    • Improved QRCODE dialog: - added "Help" button - handled click on "Help" button Defined help context for QRCODE dialog
    • Fixed "Invalid input" error message using ENTER changing scale or angle in HATCH dialog
    • Implemented automatic search of block selected for REFEDIT also on double click
    • Fixed selection of right subblock in refedit tree
    • Fixed 3DCONVERT not loading the correct string resource for an error message
    • Fixed Selection Palette page creating a wrong filter for Layer Name, Entity Color and Linetype properties. Now it will use the localized name of those properties to create objects
    • filter
    • Removed isolines with HIDDEN mode to improve speed of regeneration
    • Fixed crash in PDF2CAD
    • Added Modeless Progress Indicator loading a drawing
    • Fixed osnap on zoom window according to OSNAPCOORD
    • Fixed creation of corrupted HATCH using PREVIEW during HATCHEDIT
    • .NET API: Changed open file function to get failure from .NET procedure
    • Improved Main Options dialog: now *Scale* options means "millimeters per DXF unit" Improved Advanced Options dialog: restored *Scale Text* option and moved it to Scaling Options group
    • Avoided explosion of solid hatches in 2d solid entities using EXPLODE command
    • Improved performance of EXPLODE command
    • Fixed selection of dashed entities in empty part of linetype changelog : Fixed selection and ESNAP of dashed entities
    • Fixed print of Footer or Header when drawing name that cointains ,
    • Fixed TRIM with rotate view
    • Implemented selection of last opened file in OPEN dialog
    • Disabled SELECTIONCYCLING within LISP or SCRIPT commands
    • Fixed Replace in FIND dialog with MLeader using Block as content type
    • Fixed FIND command with MLEADER using BLOCK with ATTRIBUTES
    • Fixed stack corruption problem opening file that uses vertical true type fonts (with @)
    • Fixed hang using print preview with PDF printer and custom paper size without customize the size
    • Fixed save and get of print transparency from layout
    • Fixed print PDF with transparency (or hidden, shaded) using our PDF printer, added PRINTTILEMODE variable (ON is 2020 mode, OFF is 2021)
    • Fixed Revit underlay scale after reopen
    • Fixed speed of selection of 2d Polylines with many vertexes (+10k)
    • Fixed FLATTEN command with 3d Solids objects
    • Added message for unsupported Revit file version
    • Fixed APPLOAD command to load lisp that contains COMMAND
    • Fixed purge of Dynamic blocks to avoid delete of referenced dynamic blocks
    • Implemented print of TIFF file using our JPG printer
    • Fixed selection speed in drawing with too complex hatch, ignored (not regenerated) hatches with more than 5000 loops
    • Implemented sysvar fields in FIELD command
    • Reduced size of objects pasted in Word-Excel, Added EMFFACTOR and WMFFACTOR to change size factor of EMF and WMF created during COPYCLIP
    • Improved PDF2CAD command: now it will display only one message if some of the input files were skipped during Batch conversion
    • Improved PDF2CAD: handled skipped files Improved "Single File" mode tab: now it will display an error if invalid PDF file is selected Code Cleanup
    • Disabled thumbnail generation during autosave to increase speed of autosave
    • Fixed OFFSET with lines standing on different Z levels
    • Fixed the initial height of the DWG Preview in Open File dialog
    • Restored vertex grips of non associative hatch created selecting objects
    • Property palette :Fixed change of number of items and angle between items of polar array if angle is less than 360°
    • Fixed print of images with a page size larger than A3
    • Fixed lag after copy of block
    • Removed "last access" from open/save dialog
    • Fixed a bug in DATAEXTRACTION dialog when user is unable to move from step "Data Source" to step "Select Objects"
    • Fixed default option not being recognized by PCAD in a few prompts of the _3DARRAY command
    • Property paleete: Fixed change of total angle of polar array if angle is less than 360°
    • Fixed speed of COPY of some specific blocks in a big drawing
    • Fixed the command bar position in a Multi-Monitor context. Now it appears on the correct monitor at startup time
    • Fixed temporary OSNAP in ZOOM window command with OSNAPCOORD = 2
    • Fixed zoom and pan with ZOOMDETAIL = -1
    • Fixed update of Quick property palette changing color with ribbon or toolbar combobox
    • Fixed insertion of blocks from tool palette: layer names and other styles coming from inserted blocks are preserved
    • Print: removed message and popup about 3d hidden/shaded view and plot styles
    • Fixed EXTRUDE direction option with NWUCS
    • Fixed ELEVZERO command with REGION objects: the command now filters out REGION objects
    • Fixed display of main window during application startup
    • Fixed ESNAP and ETRACK markers in diffent VPORTS : Restored SNAPALLVIEWS to 0
    • Changed selection windows to display only in active window
    • Quick Property: added a limit to height max to 750 pixel, added scroolbar when exceed to height limit
    • Improved speed of command hint list with great number of results
    • Added OneDrive business path to cloud commands
    • Fixed load of some commands opening drawing with double click on PC with QUADRO video cards
    • PDF2CAD : Fixed crash when attempting to show preview of a protected PDF file
    • Fixed display of DGN underlay
    • Fixed wrong DIST result on layout Viewport
    • Implemented dimension scale depending from layout viewport scale
    • Implemented PURGE of empty text objects
    • Fixed APPLOAD of .NET modules , filename is not requested twice
    • Fixed exception finding hatch boundary
    • Added IMPROVETEXTQLTY variable to HWCONFIG dialog
    • Fixed delete of unused files in temp and in backup folder, changed number of backup files to 2, changed remove of old backup file controlled by BACKUPOPEN variable
    • Added check to avoid crash using layout tab during block editor
    • Fixed explorer preview pane after start
    • Fixed edit of text of annotative dimension
    • Fixed activation/deactivation of POLAR and ORTHO passing from one drawing to another
    • Fixed problem using PUBLISH with our PDF printer, added license activation and set options for each page
    • Fixed open time and anomal memory usage opening drawing with clipped blocks
    • Improved speed of regeneration of TTF text
    • Added IMPROVETEXTQLTY variable to enable or disable change of TEXTQLTY variable opening drawing
    • Fixed DIMRADIUS command when circle stands on z plane different from current elevation

    Feel free to contact us for more information.

    ProgeCAD India Website Improvements

    20 Jan 2021, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD India has launched a new website with several improvements. Below are the details of improvements:

    • Automatic Order Processing for instant Delivery of licenses
    • Implemented a new Payment Gateway for secured processing
    • All new design for Website for easy navigation
    • Added many new pages with additional information

    Feel free to contact us for more information.

    ProgeCAD 2021 Professional India Version Released

    08 Oct 2020, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2021 Professional ENGLISH India version is now released. The central topic of this release is the Users comfort. ProgeSOFTs efforts for this version have been in enhancing the overall drafting experience. ProgeCAD 2021 introduces new tools, 2D and 3D editing commands and options which make the User's drafting process easier and time-saving. The 2021 edition also provides new features that improve software interoperability and enable effective cooperation. There is also some discipline specific new functionality in this release. Please check our home page to watch the 2021 features video and major improvements. Detailed features can be found on our features page.

    Please download the Free trial version of 2021 and evaluate the features.

    The new products are available for sale on our online store.

    ProgeCAD Old Version Usage

    07 Sep 2020, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Please note that ProgeCAD 2020 Software License key can be used for any of the following versions:

    1. ProgeCAD 2017 Professional India
    2. ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India
    3. ProgeCAD 2019 Professional India
    4. ProgeCAD 2020 Professional India

    All of the above versions can be installed and activated in a single PC so that you can use appropriate version as needed.

    ProgeCAD 2020 Professional New Update 20.0.8 Released

    16 Jun 2020, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeSOFT has released a new update - Update 20.0.8 -  for progeCAD 2020 Professional ENGLISH Multiple software improvements and fixes available with Update 20.0.8 can be consulted in the list here below:

    • Fixed color of edges to color of 3d solid entity
    • Fixed Fit option of MVIEW command
    • Fixed linetype combo in property palette: removed duplicate of *Varies* linetype
    • Fixed save as dwg 2004 of drawings with non latin characters in layer or layout names
    • Fixed crash while copying and pasting special associative dimensions
    • Fixed dynamic input specifing Z coordinate
    • Fixed crash when copying unicode text
    • Fixed crash closing ARTISAN's render dialog
    • Fixed wrong hatch selection when clicking on an empty pattern in "ANSI", "ISO" and "Other Predefined" tabs in "Hatch Patterns" dialog. Graphically improved the selected pattern by drawing a red border around it
    • Fixed the CAMERA command that didn't use the CAMERAHEIGHT variable correctly
    • Fixed crash in layer palette
    • Fixed crash when executing BEDIT during the session of another BEDIT
    • Fixed hatch not copying background color using _MATCHPROP command
    • Made _FIND dialog smaller and now there is the possibility to expand it
    • Fixed scroll on grid tooltip in property palette
    • Removed some unsupported ColorBooks
    • Fixed compound tangent snap to circle specifing second point with angular coordinate (eg: 100<45)
    • Fixed _TABLE insertion using "specify window" option
    • Fixed linetype color in "Appearance" column of _EXPLTYPES dialog being always black
    • Fixed text color in "Font Name" column of _EXPFONTS dialog being always black
    • Removed useless REGEN after REFCLOSE
    • Fixed lisp GETENV function to load variable also from registry
    • Fixed the way TARGET system variable is handled in a few commands of EasyArch
    • Fixed update of dimension associated with 2d polyline
    • Added column sorting when clicked on column header in _EATTEDIT dialog
    • Fixed crash in shape importer
    • Fixed crash in hatch dialog
    • Fixed dimensions are modified with print window
    • Fixed open cad object from excel
    • Fixed crash at closing time
    • Fixed usage of font Typo_SsangmunDongStencil.ttf
    • Fixed display of a specific text using just installed specific fonts
    • Fixed APPARENT intersection of a 2d line perpendicular to view plane
    • Fixed DIMBREAK of extension lines of aligned and rotated dimension
    • Fixed dwg preview not visible in windows' explorer preview pane
    • Fixed color of some entities in blocks using DISPLAYLIST ON
    • Added message at end of "Rebuild all" option
    • Fixed DIMBREAK command to use only selected entities
    • Fixed linetype of circle created by 2 arcs with OVERKILL command
    • Fixed TANGENT snap moving line grip and using deferred tangent with dynamic input
    • Added isolines properties to Swept surface and added other geometry properties disabled due to unsupported operations
    • Fixed memory exception in ADDFORM dialog
    • Managed "*" as filter in tool palette "add blocks" feature
    • Fixed property palette with extruded surface, added other properties to control height and angle of extrusion
    • Fixed PASTESPEC to create table object using data from Excel
    • Fixed speed of selection using property palette
    • Fixed dynamic input with negative value for single edit control
    • Fixed COPYCLIP in a specific corrupted drawing
    • Fixed '*' in menu macro to repeat all macro instead only one command
    • Fixed poor performance opening a drawing or shading
    • Fixed Drag jig failing for rotation angle when Ortho is On
    • Added LOADDOTNETWITHQUADRO variable to enable/disable load of .NET with QUADRO video cards
    • Added "Misc" tab in nlm server monitor Added custom token description management in this tab
    • Added check to avoid crash using DIMENSION with Intersection esnap
    • Fixed XREFNOTIFY not handling DWGs with an absolute path but are not there because they are in the same folder as the main dwg
    • Fixed XREF not being inserted using the "No path" option
    • Filter selection is not working correctly when changing layout with model space
    • Fixed -ARRAY command with 360 degree
    • Fixed FROM using keyboard
    • Fixed CIRCLE with 1 pt + 2 Tangents to lines
    • Fixed size of dots in dynamic input in drawings that redefine custom "_Dot" block
    • Fixed use of expression in dynamic input with single control
    • Fixed print of long paper size (9000mm) using custom paper size added as form (using ADDFORMAT command or with some: drivers HP DJ T930 V4)
    • Fixed Snap to 0 length polyline in a block
    • Fixed save of wrong publish DSD file
    • Fixed problem of display of objects on OFF layers after LAYISO command
    • Fixed set of active CTB from plot dialog after run of VBA routine that sets same parameters

    The new progeCAD 2020 Professional ENG 20.0.8 release is available here.

    Existing users will receive Update 20.0.8 automatically (if connected to Internet)

    For any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

    ProgeCAD Critical issue with Windows 10 Update

    15 Jun 2020, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    This is to inform all our users that ProgeCAD has encountered a technical issue caused by Windows 10 Security Update KB4560960 (OS Builds 18362.900 and 18363.900). This patch results in crashes while printing out on some types of printers and plotters.

    This Windows Update has already caused a lot of issues to many software products, hence we expect that this issue will be resolved soon.

    If you experience any such issues, please restore your Windows to previous version. On the other hand, if new patch is released by Microsoft, you must update it immediately.

    You can find your Windows version/build number by right clicking Start Icon, click on Settings and click on About on left panel. Then find the details of Windows specifications on right hand side. You need to scroll down little bit to find the details.

    ProgeCAD 2020 Professional New Update 20.0.6 Released

    12 Nov 2019, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeSOFT, Italy announces the release of new update 20.0.6 for ProgeCAD 2020 Professional software. Below is a detailed list of improvements and fixes:

    • Fixed fade of refedit
    • Fixed context menu and prompt menu according to SHORTCUTMENU variable
    • Fixed substr LISP function with Unicode strings
    • Fixed DIMCONTINUE on polyline with INTERSECTION esnap
    • Fixed BOX command with esnap with NWUCS 
    • Fixed export of 3D PDF using EXPORT command
    • Fixed _ALIASEDIT command not updating the right pane in customize dialog
    • Fixed display of Full Drawing Path,shown in title bar when option is disabled
    • Fixed usage of Unicode string from lisp, fixed getmess function and lisp strcat
    • Fixed STEP import crash
    • Fixed BOX with dynamic UCS with esnap
    • Handled Unicode Strings in Filter Dialog
    • Fixed BOX with 2 esnap points
    • Fixed APPLOAD command with network path
    • Removed point on optimized entities during PAN and ZOOM
    • Fixed Center option of TEXT command from script, added dynamic UCS to interactive part
    • Fixed creation of box using esnap and starting from elevation
    • Fixed remove of entities using SHIFT from selection set of STRETCH command
    • Fixed DIMCONTINUE on polyline with INTERSECTION esnap
    • Fixed HELIX command
    • Fixed POLYSOLID justification using a session variable
    • Fixed selection of HATCH, now PICKSTYLE is controlled during GROUP selection
    • Fixed arrow keys not moving the editing cursor in dcl edit box
    • Fixed DCL dialogs positioned incorrectly on multi-display configurations
    • Fixed BOX command starting a different Z and using Osnap
    • Fixed search of pcad.pat and pcadiso.pat file to load hatch patterns
    • Fixed mtext not fully considered in zoom extents
    • Fixed SWEEP with helix as path
    • Fixed FILLET with PLINETYPE = 0
    • Fixed missing option in JOIN command on arc entities
    • Fixed SLOPEBLOCK command adding a question to remove or not last entity created
    • Fixed face extrude with negative taper angle
    • Fixed WEDGE command with Center option
    • Fixed _STYLE dialog not closing after pressing "ESC" key after having clicked on Apply button
    • Wrong view in viewport with rotated UCS Disabled FIELD button in text editor
    • Added another Lock file type (LOCKFILEMODE variable) to allow update of drawings for wider range of cad
    • Fixed Length option of BOX command
    • Fixed selection of MLEADER text also when arrow is not present
    • Fixed hatch in a drawing
    • Fixed extra trim when Save button is pressed in Edit Table Cell Dialog
    • Fixed BEDIT inside another BEDIT session
    • Fixed trim in a specific condition
    • Fixed BOX command setting height with second point z coordinate
    • Fixed crash with COPY command in a drawing with constraints
    • .Net : Implemented Document.Window property and IntelliCAD.Windows.Window class
    • Fixed save of RASTERPREVIEW variable between sessions
    • Fixed layer property of FIELD object
    • Fixed move of linear dimension created selecting a subentity of a block
    • Fixed deferred tangent of 2 circles using SHIFT+RX click menu to select esnap
    • Fixed JOIN command of two arcs to create a circle
    • Fixed display of polyline entities with arc segments with bulge near to zero
    • Fixed set of center of circle using @ to get last center of previous circle
    • Updated tolerance in a DynVCT script
    • Fixed erase of some dimension with bad dimbreak information
    • Fixed FADE during REFEDIT in some circumstances
    • Fixed rotate face, removed useless offset
    • Fixed display of JP2 raster images
    • Fixed properties of MTEXT display in QSELECT
    • Improved speed of images during PAN and ZOOM with MTMODE = 3
    • Lisp: Fixed VLAX-CURVE functions with entity name
    • Fixed crash with COPYCLIP of a malformed spline
    • Fixed usage of some TTF fonts not recognized on Win10 ver 1903
    • Fixed file finder from OPEN/SAVE dialog
    • Fixed name of page format when changing units in "_ADDFORMAT > new" dialog
    • Fixed VPCONTROL variable range
    • Fixed _LOFT command not using graphically closed polylines
    • Fixed Digital Signature multiple error prompts
    • Added MS and PS aliases for MSPACE and PSPACE commands
    • Fixed overridden dimension style in BEDIT session, incremented variable number to copy from source database to BEDIT one
    • Fixed deadlock with blocks with attribute after BEDIT
    • Fixed selection of hatch pattern when ansi, iso or predefined tabs are opened
    • Fixed custom hatch pattern not chosen when tab is opened
    • Fixed crash trying to hide or show a non-existent toolbar from the command line
    • Fixed hatch pattern dialog not memorizing custom as last used tab
    • Fixed scrollbars in hatch pattern tabs
    • Made hatch pattern automatically being picked when double-clicked
    • Fixed crash using BEDIT without drawing tab
    • Fixed display of isolines of a drawing coming from another cad
    • Fixed QUIT/EXIT command to get parameters from lisp
    • Fixed creation of block with NWUCS
    • Fixed REFEDIT adding associated dimensions to blockset
    • Changed default CROSSINGFRAMECOLOR and WINDOWFRAMECOLOR to white
    • Fixed "_SETTINGS > Coordinate Input > Entity Selection > PICKADD" checkbox not taking 2 as a option
    • Expanded special case for WORD/Excel OLE objects
    • Fixed lisp strlen function on Korean OS with Korean strings
    • Fixed associativity of dimensions using paperspace viewport
    • Fixed window print selection adding a page setup from plot dialog
    • Fixed JOIN of lines and arcs
    • Fixed substitution of pfb font files
    • Fixed exception during spline generation of isolines of a 3d solid
    • Fixed crash during COPYCLIP command, reduced transformation matrix value from 1e+99 to maximum of 1e+16
    • Fixed step/iges export with colors
    • Fixed export of entity color in command ACISOUT
    • Fixed STRETCH command which didn't work on WIPEOUT
    • Fixed open in read only mode to allow files to be saved by other cad
    • Updated Insert Block Dialog: - Excluded "External References" as blocks. Fixed typo in Ribbon Manager
    • Fixed display of text in block with frozen layer
    • Fixed wrong message when the user doesn't have the read/write permissions in allusersprofile
    • Fixed program name in few string resources
    • Crosshair follows the mouse pointer on grips even if ortho is active
    • Fixed lisp strlen function on Korean OS with Korean strings
    • Fixed priority of POLAR/ETRACK over standard esnap
    • Fixed import of ARG files
    • Fixed TRIM of XLINE with crossing option
    • Fixed _STYLE dialog not closing pressing the ESC key
    • Fixed crash with zoom extent in a specific drawing with HWACCELERATION=0
    • Fixed various crashes with gripedit
    • Fixed grip rotation according ANGBASE variable
    • Fixed exception using polar in _DIST command in layout space
    • Fixed crash using grip in some conditions
    • Fixed crash at closing time after iges/step import
    • Fixed crash updating status bar
    • Fixed crash in Field command
    • Fixed removal of layers in layers' palette asking every time what to do with the entities on them. Now it's possible to apply the chosen action to every selected layer
    • Fixed layer count not refreshed when deleting a layer from the palette
    • Fixed crash using explorer in some circumstances
    • Improved speed of regen of solids reusing facets

    New version is available for download from our downloads page. Existing users can use CheckForUpdates commands to automatically update to this latest version.

    ProgeCAD 2020 Professional New Update 20.0.4 Released

    01 Aug 2019, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2020 Professional new update 20.0.4 is released. Below is a detailed list of bug fixes and improvements:

    • Changed default color of CROSSINGFRAMECOLOR and WINDOWFRAMECOLOR to white
    • Fixed display of text in block with frozen layer
    • Fixed crash activating/deactivation GRID in a viewport
    • Enabled SNAPALLVIEWS variable to avoid crash using ESNAP+POLAR after change to layout, forced to 1 at start time
    • Fixed PASTEBLOCK with NWUCS, fixed insertion point parameter after changes
    • Fixed TRIM using edge of text and mtext
    • Fixed MOVE of dimensions, fixed associated entity extracted from ESNAP  
    •  Fixed Center option of CIRCLE command with dynamic input ON
    • Fixed crash using PUBLISHKML with a peculiar file
    • Fixed display of selected cutting edge entities after execution trim  
    • Fixed DAEOUT e PRINT3D e STLOUT commands 
    • Fixed crash deleting layers in explorer
    • Fixed crash in "add vertex" item in hatch grip menu  
    • Fixed crash avoiding exception in dimstyle combo  
    • Changed Popup's Type into [Yes/No/Cancel]
    • Updated BCLOSE command in order to handle options from updated popup: - Yes: Save changes - No: Discard...
    • Fixed exception in LWeight combo box 
    • Fixed crash changing active dimstyle  
    • Fixed exception using STEPOUT command
    • Fixed crash getting area of hatch with malformed spline as boundary
    • Fixed crash with hatch grip context menu
    • Fixed crash related to DIMLAYER combobox 
    • Removed XREF dependent blocks from BEDIT list 
    • Fixed PASTEBLOCK command with attributes
    • Fixed stretch of polyline's arc segments on their own starting/ending grips creating a really huge arc 
    • Added ORTHO in PAN when shift is being pressed and orbit sphere is not triggered 
    • Fixed PICKADD variable seen as boolean and not as a tristate variable in _OPTIONS > selection tab 
    • Fixed dimension style in BEDIT session
    • Fixed current styles in BEDIT session
    • Fixed Keywords List of -COLOR
    • Fixed _OPTIONS > Clipboard > "AutoCAD 2013 - AutoCAD 2017" check not working
    • Fixed _COPY taking long time creating EMF and WMF files when zoomed in
    • Added "Edit" command to Context Menu of Filters Tree in Layer Filter Properties
    • Removed External Reference from Block list in Insert Block Dialog
    • Removed External Reference from Block list in Block Dialog
    • Fixed crash opening a drawing with REVIT underlay 
    • Fixed load of RCP files
    • Added EXPBLOCKSCLOSE command in order to close Blocks Explorer Palettes
    • Fixed TDINDWG variable 
    • Removed preview of point cloud in explorer to avoid hang
    • Reduced GDI objects leaks in EATTEDIT dialog
    • Reduced GDI objects leaks in Settings Dialog
    • Reduced GDI objects leaks in 3D Tab in Settings Dialog
    • Reduced GDI objects leaks in Entity Modification Tab in Settings Dialog
    • Reduced GDI objects leaks in Entity Creation Tab in Settings Dialog
    • Fixed height of mtext in property palette
    • Fixed crash using QSELECT option in SELECT command
    • Fixed position of cursor clicking in mtext editor
    • Removed DGN option from _NEW command
    • Fixed change of color of 3d solids imported by IGESIN/STEPIN
    • Fixed "Save Pc Info" button in _HWCONFIG dialog not working on windows 7 (removed quotes from output file name)
    • Fixed import of MNU/MNU files that contains label with "**"
    • Added ability to disable "automatic numbering" with variable MTEXTDETECTSPACE, Automatic Numbering now is enabled only with '1' or 'a' or 'A'
    • Fixed display of folder name in open/save dialog
    • Fixed number of isolines visible on some curved 3d solids in 2d wireframe
    • Preselected images in IMAGE dialog to reflect active selectionset
    • Fixed PREFIXSUFFIX command, added vl-load-com to enable vlax function used
    • Reduced GDI objects leak in SETTINGS command's Dialog: - Handled Property Sheet Icon Resource
    • Aborted open transactions before save to fix problem of drawing "Saving_with_errors"
    • Fixed save of drawing after cancel of DWGPROPS command
    • Reduced GDI memory leaks in TABLEDIT command's Dialog: - Handled Button Icons
    • Reduced GDI memory leak in HATCH command's dialog: - Improved Pattern Tab
    • Fixed crash on selection of entities
    • Fixed _REFEDIT preview dialog having strange Windows 7 alike style
    • Fixed too long color combobox dropdown length in property palette
    • Fixed _CENTERLINE > Extension > Amount option not taking enter without modifying the amount
    • Added "Back" option in _CENTERLINE > Extension
    • Removed memory leak in Tool Palettes when switching tab
    • Fixed crash in _EATTEDIT command editing multiline attribute in the list
    • Fixed QDIM ordinate function with NWUCS
    • Removed memory leaks in Color Dialog
    • Added outputfile parameter in pc info button in _HWCONFIG dialog
    • Fixed "Save PC Info" button in _HWCONFIG dialog not working on windows 7
    • Fixed Isolate objects left click on status bar
    • Fixed custom menus having different style in status bar
    • Fixed Refedit with NWUCS
    • Made long layer names fit inside the layer combo of property palette
    • Improved prompt menu's title dimension
    • Added multicore configuration to HWCONFIG dialog
    • Removed memory leaks of GDI Objects in Open/Save/New File Dialog
    • Implemented MULTICORE -3 value to disable 1 core of cpu, added reactor to change it without closing the cad
    • Fixed speed of creation of entity after autosave of drawing version 2013
    • Fixed crash closing drawing after edit of associated dimension
    • Fixed memory leaks in property palette
    • Fixed use of dynamic blocks in tool palettes
    • Fixed selection of attribute to edit with double click, fixed NENTSELP and NENTSEL function
    • Fixed multiline attribute edit, restored old dialog based interface instead of inplace editor
    • Improved speed of draw of grips, added timeout to display grip menu (GRIPMENUTIMEOUT)
    • Fixed insert of XREF in DXF file
    • Fixed availability of various status bar panes 
    • Restored column features in MTEXT editor
    • Fixed crash in hatch command
    • Fixed exception using UNDO after REFSET add, it was caused by refedit preview dialog
    • Fixed vla and vlax functions
    • Fixed selection of text with MTEXTFIXED > 0
    • Fixed esnap node in block with Point entity
    • Improved Stability of Create Linetype Dialog

    Existing users will receive Update 20.0.4 automatically (if connected to Internet) using check for updates command. New users can download full version from our Downloads page.

    ProgeCAD 2020 Professional India Version Released

    14 Jun 2019, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    ProgeCAD 2020 Professional India Version Released with below mentioned improvements:

    • Improved Open and Save time
    • The New CAD engine with improved features and stability based on Teigha Version 4.3.2 and IntelliCAD 9
    • Introduced Tool Palettes
    • New Blocks Exporer
    • Improved visualization of texts and entities
    • Attach Digital Signature to Drawing and validate it
    • New User Interface with modified colors
    • Properties local editing (highlighting/modifications based on the tree selection)
    • Support for BIM file types: import/attach IFC and Autodesk® Revit® files (.rvt/.rfa,IFC)
    • Construction Lines
    • PointCloud .rcp,.rcs files
    • Formulas in Tables
    • Print 3D Hidden with silhouette. Creation of clean 3D prints on curved solid parts printing in Hidden Visual Style
    • Print with transparency on Hatches by using "Print Style Table" (CTB/STB) color configuration
    • Missing XREF notifications
    • Revised Publish Dialog and features
    • New SysVarMonitor dialog to monitor System Variables and add Reactors to them
    • Improved PDF Export
    • New Block Editor (BEDIT) command
    • Table and TableEdits command improvements (margins and Cells format)
    • Improved .NET API functions
    • New Add Selected Objects feature
    • New Array Path command
    • Data export from table object to CSV file format
    • Points export to text or csv
    • Create centerline geometry associated with selected lines and linear polyline segments
    • SCALETEXT: enlarge or reduce selected text objects without changing their locations
    • DIMREASSOCIATE: the association or reassociation of selected dimensions to entities or points on entities
    • DIMREASSOC: restore the measured value to overridden or modified dimension text
    • AREATEXT: calculate boundary area and place the text with the value in the center of the area. Through the configuration dialog the user can set: Units used for drawing, Units desired for measurement, Prefix, Suffix Units of measurement, Decimal number, Retain boundary. It is possible to select an area through multi points, the direct selection of entities or by clicking inside a closed area
    • CHANGEBLOCK: create a new Bock Definition from a Block instance and open Block Editor to create a new modified Block
    • RENAMEBLOCK: rename a block and add a new block definition for further editing
    • CREATELINETYPE: create custom textual Linetypes through the Dialog box
    • DIMPOLY: the automatic creation of dimensions around a polyline
    • OFFSETSMART: create an offset deleting the original entities
    • DIMARRANGE: the aligning of a dimension line and a sub line
    • TEXTARRANGEV: arrange the selected text with vertical alignment
    • TOTLENGTH: show the total length of selected object

    The latest version can be downloaded from our Downloads page.

    ProgeCAD 2019 New Version 19.0.10 Released

    19 Feb 2019, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    • Fixed crash occurring while creating an alias with empty name
    • Fixed esnap on degenerated polyline with 0 lenght and with various overlapped vertex
    • Fixed SINGLETON variable with double click, now SINGLETON variable is taken into account when double clicking on multiple dwg files
    • Added a message in _SOLIDEDIT command
    • Fixed import of localized PGP
    • Fixed wrong polar tracking tooltip when ucs is not world
    • Excluded file types with multiple extensions from File Find Dialog
    • Fixed ortho turned off after _DIMORDINATE command
    • Added again automatic set of mtext's width (if it was equal to 0) but added also a control to set back to 0 the mtext's width if it was not edited
    • Added some tooltips in IMAGEATTACH Dialog
    • Fixed HANG editing MTEXT from property palette: avoid double entering in edit function that causes exceptions and wrong resource handle settings
    • Avoided unhandled exception in property palette moving a MLEADER entityFixed "invalid input" using _MATCHPROP on solid hatches
    • Fixed leader's last segment's position changing with mtext justification
    • Fixed not refreshing viewport when a layer inside was freezed or thawed
    • Fixed "Initial_focus" DCL property, now it manages also text in editbox
    • Added management of image's drawing units inside _IMAGEATTACH dialog
    • Fixed print of point clouds switching white from RGB color to color index 7
    • Added alias for command PURGE
    • Fixed wrong zoom after "_ZOOM > object" in paper space
    • Fixed print window in specific drawing
    • Fixed creation of hatches in drawings with architectural units with dynamic input. Now dynamic input angular text box accepts also other type of units
    • Fixed _MATCHPROP not applying source hatches' background color to destination hatches
    • Fixed message box appearing for every selected entity when an invalid input was inserted in the property palette
    • Fixed freeze/crash caused by INSERT's dialog preview
    • Handle Properties Group when using Enter to move from one property to the next one
    • Added ToolTip String Resources for Refedit Preview Dialog
    • Changed QSAVE behavior. Now QSAVE will always use Default Save Format
    • Implemented ToolTips for buttons in Refedit Preview Dialog
    • Fixed properties combos using SELECTIONPREVIEW : removed update of combo when cursor is hover entities with SELECTIONPREVIEW = 3
    • Handled UNITS system variable in TableStyle
    • improved CSV import procedure in Create Table Dialog
    • In the Publish dialog, "Add Drawing" now handles .dxf files
    • In the Publish dialog, a warning message is displayed before removing all sheets
    • Minor UI tweaks in Publish dialog
    • Improved speed of both raster image dialog and save command with many raster images located (or missing) on network path
    • Fixed move of dimensions that modifies dimension entities
    • Fixed ENTER on dcl dialog: Implemented "multi_edit_box" tile for multiline. Fixed "accept_value" attribute for "edit_box"
    • MARKERS command, removed bug in marking with text style with fixed height
    • Fixed plot dialog losing focus adding new page setup
    • Fixed change of dimensions moving or copying: changed recompute algorithm to manage text outside of extension lines. Fixed vertical text in several conditions
    • Fixed TTR circle that wasn't working well when UCS is different from World
    • Fixed creation of associative dimensions
    • Fixed _DWFIN command not recognized
    • Fixed wrong alignment in the preview of gradient hatch in _HATCHEDIT
    • Added preview of transparency and layer switch during _HATCHEDIT
    • Fixed not set of layer from _HATCHEDIT dialog
    • Fixed not set of transparency from _HATCHEDIT dialog
    • Changed column order in _LMAN (switched lock and freeze columns to be in the same order as in layer palette)

    ProgeCAD 2019 India New Update 19.0.8 Released

    22 Oct 2018, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Murari annoucnes the release of new update 19.0.8 to progeCAD 2019 Full Version India Software. This is a maintenance release of recently released ProgeCAD 2019 software. Below is a detailed list of improvements in this release:

    • Fixed QSelect command that changed current selection line type
    • Fixed propagate of sheet settings taking settings from basic layout page setup, fixed concatenate of PDF
    • Fixed redefine block from command line
    • Fixed crash starting print preview with window and printwindowoptimization
    • Fixed usage of "_OtherIcon" options in flyout and fixed GDI leaks
    • Fixed bug in Print Dialog. Now "Number of Copies" will be restored correctly upon returning from Preview Window.
    • Increased numeric values precision in order to fix a problem with options that use real values (i.e. Circle Radius)
    • Fixed bug in Print Dialog when changing "Print Area" type with Page Setup set to <Previous plot>
    • Fixed problem with "Add Selected Entity" in "Entity Selection Filter" dialog. Now, dialog will report all available options.
    • Improved FLATSHOT performance and added progressbar
    • Fixed crash pressing "DEL" button in some condition
    • Fixed concatenate of PDF files in PUBLISH: changed to use printer concatenate function and disabled layer
    • [G] Fixed "Plot to file" flag remain active after one plot to file
    • Enabled multiple entities selection in case Classic Skype was found.
    • Changed title of displayed dialogs. Enabled multiple entities selection.
    • Improved entities selection in "Quick Select" Dialog.
    • Fixed creation of circle, now it uses CELTSCALE instead of LTSCALE
    • Added exceptions on double click on excel and word OLE objects
    • Changed dialog type for "Explore Linetype" entry from Linetype Control in Ribbon.
    • Improved numeric data management in Create Table Dialog
    • Fixed forced plotstyle for single page in PUBLISH dialog
    • Handled direct editing of "Linetype scale" and "Global linetype scale" in Linetype Manager Dialog
    • Fixed TRIM of solid hatch
    • Handled ENTER key on Layers List in Layers Dialog.
    • Handled TAB and ENTER key in Property Palette.
    • Fixed plot offset and plot style table in PUBLISH command using printer or PDF to our PDF printer
    • Fixed PUBLISH with pdf printer, now it asks output filename printing on this printer
    • Fixed rotation of paper using PUBLISH on printers
    • Fixed GDI leaks loading external toolbars
    • Improved speed of VBA selectionsets
    • Changed behavior of "SENDTOSKYPE" command when new Skype version is installed.
    • Fixed crash selecting objects after load of custom toolbars
    • Fixed color of edges in hidden line mode in viewports
    • Fixed print of images according IMAGEFRAME with PRINTWINDOWOPTIMIZATION on
    • Fixed bug in Property Palette of OLE Object
    • Fixed polyline width after _break command (also when the polyline's widths are edited from the property palette)
    • Added ALIASEDIT command
    • Changed AREA command's output when option ADD or SUBSTRACT is used
    • Fixed scaling problem in EATTEDIT command's dialog
    • Fixed print window in assonometric view, removed print window optimization in such case
    • Implemented multiple items selection in PURGE command's dialog.
    • Added LAYERSTATE alias for LMAN
    • Fixed preview of POINTCLOUDATTACH dialog
    • Fixed PRINTWINDOWOPTIMIZATION with frozen layers on XREF
    • Changed column order in EXPLAYERS (switched lock and freeze columns to be in the same order as in layer palette)
    • Managed MEASUREMENT variable in TABLE command dialog
    • Fixed crash removing entities in REFEDIT session from two different drawings
    • Improved LISP execution speed
    • Fixed _PYRAMID command
    • Fixed previous plot not setting the previous plot type
    • Fixed imperial units always written as 0.0000" (this happened when a measure had at least 1 foot but no inches [ex: 2'-0.0000" -> 0.0000"])
    • Added SHIFTMBTNROTATION variable to enable/disable the rotation using shift + middle mouse button
    • Removed unused option in _EDGE command
    • Fixed property dialog closing itself changing the property of a dwf/dgn underlay
    • Made combo box in QSELECT dialog fit the longest name
    • Fixed _SOLIDEDIT > Face > Taper not working with negative angles
    • Fixed wrong area on polylines with intersected segments in _AREA command
    • Fixed not working polar in ellipse command after insertion of second point
    • Fixed active viewport border color not restored after _VPMIN in model space
    • Fixed status bar not refreshed switching between viewports in model space
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts seen in the toolbar tooltips
    • Fixed wrong message in LAYISO command
    • Fixed LAYOFF command ending if nothing is picked
    • Fixed not seen cyrillic letters in the dropdown list of INSERT command's combo box (changed font from "MS Sans Serif" to "Microsoft sans Serif")
    • Fixed _DIMOVERRIDE command not using DIMATFIT variable
    • Fixed _DIMOVERRIDE command not using DIMTMOVE variable
    • Fixed "append to current selection" option in _QSELECT command
    • Fixed wrong dimension position property when ucs is not world
    • Fixed not recognized korean characters in current named filter
    • Fixed enable/disable of buttons in publish dialog
    • Fixed commands defined in .NET language
    • Added _POINTSEXPORT command to export points in xyz or csv files
    • Moved some functions to different header file to simplify usage on non MFC projects
    • Fixed registry path to autoload .NET dlls
    • Added missing .NET examples file
    • Added missing files to "Icad Managed Wrappers" project
    • Fixed DWF PUBLISH also from multiple drawings
    • Fixed prompt menu always changing position on right click
    • Added check to avoid exception in property palette with wrong polyface objects
    • Fixed ORTHO using command -PAN
    • Fixed qsave command with DXF
    • Allowed space in the "Edit dimension text" option ("Dimension" menu)
    • Fixed PUBLISH of PDF using page setup using internal engine
    • Fixed wrong behaviour in -PAN command when UCS is not World
    • Fixed wrong behaviour in -PAN command when a distance is inserted instead of the second point
    • Fixed rotation of plot in PUBLISH
    • Enabled "Preview" button in Pagesetup dialog called from PUBLISH
    • Fixed visualization on single line of read only variables
    • Fixed wrong behaviour if not defined destination point in _-PAN command
    • Fixed lag after pan and zoom in layout, removed regeneration after viewport change
    • Fixed not working aliases of "dashed" commands on autocomplete on screen
    • Fixed edit/new page setup to allow to use "Preview" and "specify window" button from page setup dialog
    • Fixed not working input of snaps separated by the comma in _ESNAP command in not ENG languages
    • Fixed wrong pdf underlay attachment (caused by wrong name truncation at first "." instead of the last one)
    • Enlarged toolbar text style and mleader combos and made them as big as the ribbon ones
    • Enlarged toolbar dimstyle combo and made it as big as the ribbon one
    • Enlarged toolbar layer combo and made it as big as the ribbon one
    • Added question to save current sheet list in PUBLISH
    • Set the maximum number for recent commands from 11 to 20
    • Add "plot style" properties to PUBLISH dialog and fixed some refresh to update properties after some changes
    • Changed page setup management in PUBLISH dialog, added "New page setup" and "Edit page setup", changed PAGESETUP command to get object id to edit directly a plot style
    • Fixed unhandled crash occurred in EATTEXT command when template file didn't exist
    • Added MODELUCSICONWHITE variable to manage if the usc icon should be white or take axis' colors
    • Fixed -PDFATTACH, -DWFATTACH, -DGNATTACH commands opening the file dialog even though they are "dashed" commands
    • Removed force "Portrait"/"Landscape" functions from PUBLISH dialog, Removed "Page size" in PUBLISH options, Fixed priorities of options with PDF
    • Added PAGE SETUP button to PUBLISH dialog
    • Enabled multiselection for many operations in PUBLISH dialog
    • Fixed lost of properties of viewports after zoom, fixed lost of visualStyleId of viewport object caused by recalcview
    • Added "Plot Style" and "Page Setup" group boxes to publish dialog
    • Added message on not erasable proxy
    • Added buttons to PUBLISH dialog to replicate menu features
    • Fixed crash occurred reading layer filters
    • Added check to show "Email-activation" button in NLM monitor when the user try to activate tokens without internet connection
    • Implemented page setup, properties of page in PUBLISH dialog
    • Fixed _AIDIMFLIPARROW command not taking "Both" as default option when DYNINPUT is off
    • Fixed crash occurred reading layer filters
    • Fixed insertion point in BLOCK command with imperial units
    • Changed design of text background color dialog to make it more clear and intuitive
    • Added "Edit scale list" to viewport scale combo box which executes _SCALELISTEDIT command
    • Fixed POLARMODE using EXTRUDE command aborting selection of path
    • Added "Page Setup" menu item to publish context menu
    • Added MODELUCSICONSCALE and PAPERUCSICONSCALE variables to manage ucs icon dimension respectively in model space and paper space
    • Added saved page setup in PUBLISH menu
    • Added load of linetype of rubberband if it's not present in current drawing. Fixed load of SELCLT linetype from lin file according to MEASUREMENT variable
    • Fixed duplicated elements in scale list modifying the annotation scale list
    • Restored ARCTEXT command
    • Fixed crash to plot or preview a corrupted file
    • Sorted alphabetically "Standard Paper Sizes" list
    • Fixed wrong suggested scale value in _SCALE command
    • Changed design of point cloud color map dialog (removed tabs)
    • Fixed DWGPROPS command not recognized
    • Fixed visualization of inverted XCLIP blocks
    • Fixed inverted XCLIP filter creation
    • Fixed entities remaining highlighted after zoom or pan when SELECTIONPREVIEW variable was set to 1 or 3
    • Fixed double click on dynamic block not executing _REFEDIT command
    • Removed regen after dynamic block grip edit
    • Fixed edit of aliases, set modified flag to avoid double check changing focus between property values
    • Fixed set of multi line style
    • Fixed some issues of block explode

    The new ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India software can be downloaded from here.

    Existing users will receive Update 19.0.8 automatically (if connected to Internet). Contact us today for more information about ProgeCAD 2019 Software.

    ProgeCAD 2019 Professional India New Update 19.0.6 Released

    20 Jul 2018, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Murari announces the release of new update 19.0.6 to progeCAD 2019 Full Version India Software. This is a maintenance release of recently released ProgeCAD 2019 software. Below is a detailed list of improvements in this release:


    • Enhanced IGES/STEP Converter with improved speed and reliability.
    • Fixed QSELECT to select only objects on current layout
    • Fixed table editing and viewport switching bad behaviour in layout space 
    • Fixed double click to edit table on active layout
    • Added STL mode to import surfaces from step/iges
    • Fixed IGES/STEP import status bar icon clicking another icon
    • Fixed linetype (LT) scale with print window optimization
    • Implemented the IGESSTEPCONVERTERMODE variable to set converter mode
    • Fixed wrong stretch of lines when stretched from arrow grips
    • Added check to avoid crash on exit
    • Fixed FIELD evaluation for MTEXT object
    • Enlarged the "Drawing settings" button in the options dialog
    • Fixed print window with images on other layout
    • Fixed "Contents" field value of TEXT entity
    • Removed RegenAll changing style from the ribbon combo box to improve speed
    • Fixed keyboard shortcut for snaps in SETTINGS > Coordinate Input > Entity Snaps
    • Changed resource string from "Fit to screen" to "Fit"
    • Fixed not saving the value of IGNORESHADEDGE in SETTINGS > 3D Settings > Shading
    • Fixed FIELD dialog to insert object properties with property name different from display in dialog
    • Fixed resize of layers palette
    • Fixed display of images on 4k monitor in IgesStepConverter
    • Fixed hatch area: added fallback function and improved region area function
    • Fixed set of visualstyle of selected viewport from property palette

    The new progeCAD 2019 Professional ENG 19.0.6 release is available here.

    Existing users will receive Update 19.0.6 automatically (if connected to Internet). Contact us today for more information about ProgeCAD 2019 Software.

    ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version INDIA Released SL & NLM

    25 Jun 2018, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Murari announces the release of ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India which is based on IntelliCAD 8.4b engine. Below is a detailed list of improvements in ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India:

    • Improved speed and performance including XREFs handling
    • Improved entity snap performance on underlays
    • Improved print & plot performance of large drawings
    • Enhanced display for 4k resolution monitors
    • Revised & Reordered User Interface
    • Preview added on Block Insert dialog
    • Pointer color management for 2D and 3D interfaces
    • New customize dialog and options
    • New viewport controls to change visual styles
    • New Command: AUTOSEZ, SLOPE, Sorting of Data Extraction, SENDTOSKYPE, Advanced copy & paste etc.
    • File Import Options: STEP, IGES, Maya .RGT, Wavefront .OBJ, .3DS, Lightwave .LWO, Google Earth .KMZ, .VRML etc.
    • File Export Options: STEP, IGES, Maya .MA, Lightwave .LWO etc.
    • Highlighting of Previous Print Area
    • New interface for XREF management (DWG, DGN, DWF, PDF, PointClouds, Images)
    • Improved MTEXT editor
    • New FILTER command with Dialog
    • New Publish command and interface
    • New HATCHTOBACK command

    The new ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India is available for download from our downloads page along with 2019 NLM licenes manager. ProgeCAD 2019 is available in both 64 and 32bit versions.

    Contact us today for more information.

    ProgeCAD 2018 Professional New Patch 18.0.10 R2 Released

    18 Apr 2018, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Murari announces the release of new maintenance patch 18.0.10 R2 for ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version India. The update is available for both 64bit and 32bit versions. 

    Below is a list of changes in this minor release:

    • Fixed crash on WMF generation when copy to clipboard
    • Fixed freeze when zooming in OLE image
    • Fixed GRID restoring view with dialog and CLI
    • Fixed Layer of MTEXT created by TXT2MTEXT
    • Fixed wrong grid's colors inside VPMAX control Fixed PICKFIRST variable that looses its status
    • Fixed GDI leaks in layer palette
    • Fixed default rotation inserting XREF
    • Fixed void name in PUBLISH command after autosave
    • Managed two decimal digits into PDF2CAD configuration file for "Min Line Width"
    • Fixed display of REGION entities

    Existing users can use CheckForUpdates command to automatically apply this new patch while connected to internet.

    The download versions are already updated to this latest version.

    Feel free to contact us in case of any question.

    ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India Update 18.0.10 Released

    06 Mar 2018, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Murari Software Solutions, the oldest Partner of ProgeCAD in India since 2006, announces the release of new ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India update 18.0.10. 

    Below is a detailed information about the improvements incorporated in this release:

    • Fixed not added new text style when created from table style editor
    • Fixed not working annotative checkbox on new dimension style
    • Fixed selection when cursor tries to select before text (MTEXT Editor)
    • Fixed selection of last char in dimension text or other middle aligned mtext (MTEXT Editor)
    • Removed chance to set width, height, length and scale of pointcloud entities to less or equal to 0
    • Added "proceed" option in textmask command
    • Fixed save path when path is over 90 chars
    • Fixed freeze when zooming in OLE image
    • Fixed table with exceeding column at the end (importing csv file or using eattext command)
    • Fixed wrong display for some stairs when in meters (EasyArch3D)
    • Fixed layouts order in publish command (now it's not ordered alphabetically)
    • Fixed command line version of mapimport command to avoid file selection dialog
    • Fixed editing of layer state name
    • Fixed display of Chinese text
    • Increased HATCH definition from 72 DPI to 600 DPI in EXPORT command
    • Increased HATCH definition from 72 DPI to 600 DPI in PUBLISH command
    • Fixed wrong scale switching from mm to inches in ADDFORM command
    • Fixed FIND with previous selection and blocks
    • Fixed automatically assigned ByBlock color instead of ByLayer in PLANE and SOLID commands
    • Fixed toolbar/ribbon not updated when SELECTIONPREVIEW system variable is 1
    • Fixed JOIN command in several conditions
    • Fixed refresh of table preview when changing the table style
    • Added editing of arctexts with the double click
    • Fixed load of localized commands from .NET dll
    • Fixed AREA and TRIM of hatches in some condition
    • Fixed wrong conversion between millimeters and inches in ADDFORMS command
    • Implemented selection of entities for WMFOUT command
    • Fixed transparent background for EMF and WMF according to WMFBKGCOLOR variable, increased resolution up to 10x to improve curved entities
    • Fixed bad value order into "AREA" command results
    • Fixed missing image drawing units in the image details (before the insertion of the image)
    • Added checkbox for ZOOMWHEEL system variable in OPTIONS > CROSSHAIRS
    • Fixed "DWG Wizard" not displayed on _NEW command when STARTUP variable is ON
    • Fixed issue that was causing the lost of the selection before _QDIM command
    • Added "Don't show anymore" checkbox in the message that appears when print configuration is not found and replaced with the default one
    • Fixed reset option in _-SCALELISTEDIT command
    • Fixed wrong setting of image scale from property dialog
    • Changed the minimum dimension of paper margins in ADDFORM from 0 to 6mm (which is the tolerance applied later)
    • Fixed the reset of arctext color when the edit dialog was opened
    • Fixed not enabling rename, delete and modify buttons in "Multiline Style" dialog
    • Fixed table border color applied only to table's last grid line and not to every cell
    • Fixed some issue moving palettes in multi monitor configurations
    • Fixed problem editing values in DIMSTYLE dialog when LUPREC system variable is set to 0
    • Fixed not working single line quote when upper and lower deviation tolerances are equal. Enabled "Display print styles" by default in print dialog
    • Added a message that alerts the user that by removing all DWG checks copyFrom/paste function may not work
    • Fixed duplication of the grid and duplicated count of "All(X)" items in property dialog

    The new version is available for download from our downloads page. Contact us for any more further details.

    ProgeCAD 2018 Professional New Version 18.0.8.R2 Released

    17 Jan 2018, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Murari announces the release of new maintenance patch 18.0.8.R2 for ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version India software. It is a general maintenance release with few bug fixes and improvements. Please see below details:

    • Fixed XLINES regeneration issues
    • Fixed dynamic input after popup menu
    • Disabled textbox when "no limit" is checked and changed the minimum accepted value from 1 to 2 in qleader settings dialog
    • Fixed automatic text override after dimension command
    • Fixed invisible text after dimension command
    • Fixed origin point not inherited from other hatches
    • Fixed loss of hatch gradient on TRIM command
    • Fixed loss of hatch transparency on TRIM command
    • Fixed duplicates of "*VARIES*" text in property dialog
    • Fixed sds_getcolordialogtruecolor function to return RGB values of selected color
    • Fixed MTEXT line spacing increased every time you edit it (when annotation scale is activated and different from 1:1)Fixed qleader text's color not being taken from dimclrt sys variable but layer's color
    • Made "show menu grips" checkbox in the options equal to the one in settings
    • Applied background color to the mtext editor when it is modified
    • Made "Display print styles" checkbox not visible print dialog
    • Enabled "Display print styles" checkbox by default in page setup dialog
    • Fixed not enabling rename, delete and modify buttons in "Multiline Style" dialog
    • Enabled the preview in "Multiline Style" dialog
    • Set the number of columns and rows of a table as constants (when you insert a new table)
    • Fixed table border color applied only to table's last grid line and not to every cell
    • Changed the dimension of "Edit Lineweights" dialog
    • Fixed change of table style from property mask
    • Fixed problem editing values in DIMSTYLE dialog when LUPREC system variable is set to 0
    • Removed possibility to delete layers from xrefs
    • Fixed qleader text oriented only on top view
    • Fixed not showing traced lines when typing text in QLEADER command
    • Solved not inserted QLEADER on left and right view
    • Fixed wrong DIMCONTINUE after DIMALIGNED
    • Fixed not working single line quote when upper and lower deviation tolerances are equal
    • Enabled "Display print styles" by default in print dialog
    • Added a message that alerts the user that by removing all DWG checks copyFrom/paste function may not work
    • Fixed duplication of the grid and duplicated count of "All(X)" items in property dialog
    • Fixed wrong thickness on MATCHPROP on single segment polyline
    • Changed standard drawing files "label" during open and added all supported files option
    • Fixed disabling of AutoCAPS when SHIFT is pressed and AutoCAPS is on during MTEXT
    • Fixed problem calculating intersection with non world UCS

    The latest versions are available from our downloads page here.

    Existing users can user CHECKFORUPDATES command to download install the latest patch automatically.

    Murari is one of the oldest partners partners of ProgeCAD in the World operating from Hyderabad, India since 2006. Choose the most trusted and reliable partner for all your ProgeCAD needs in India.

    Jytra Enters 13th Year of Operation in India

    04 Dec 2017, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    We are glad to announce that Jytra is enterign 13th year of Operations in India. It was started in the year 2006 to offer CAD and Engineering Services.

    Jytra started selling ProgeCAD from very beginning years of our operations and we handled All India Distribution of progeCAD till 2016. Now we are working as an independent Dealer of ProgeCAD in India.

    Jytra has supplied vast number of licenses in India to various corporates, retail customers and also in educational segment. We renamed our company from Jytra Engineering Services to Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2015.

    Contact us to know more details about our Products and Solutions.

    ProgeCAD India 2018 New Version 18.0.8 Released

    04 Dec 2017, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Fixed Windows 10 FALL CREATORS update performance problems
    Fixed quality of tranparent icons
    Fixed bad UI for custom control with high DPI
    Added DPI Aware settings in options dialog
    Fixed drag of blocks on x86 version with DRAGDETAIL > 0  
    Added check to avoid crash while closing, when IRX applications uses point monitoring  
    Added Layer support in PUBLISH PDF  
    Added detection and correction of possibile PDF/JPG printers activation issues after OS update
    Fixed crash when TABLE command is called multiple times  
    Changed the file name of the ones saved during emergency save when crash occurred  
    Added opening of .SV$ files during drawing recovery  
    Fixed height of command list items in 4k high dpi monitor
    Fixed height of items in layer toolbar combobox in 4k high dpi monitor  
    Fixed height of items in toolbar combobox in 4k high dpi monitor  
    Fixed crash using dynamic block grips 

    ProgeCAD 2018 New Version 18.0.6 Released

    05 Oct 2017, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Jytra annouces the release of new ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India version 18.06 with below mentioned fixes and enhancements:

    Added zero margins prints
    Implemented Object properties evaluation, now it's possible to create FIELDs compatible with Autocad and evaluate properties
    Fixed Display grips of clipped block references with XCLIPFRAME variable off
    Fixed preview during drag of XREF
    Fixed Block wrong move after REFEDIT
    Fixed DIST command issue with rotated UCS
    Implemented hatch stretch and grip edit for hatches created selecting entities
    Fixed display of XREF after a cancel of REFEDIT command
    Fixed QSELECT dialog in some drawings
    Fixed TRIM with SHIFT and EXTEND with ENTER
    Fixed freeze selecting polylines and hatches, new method to calculate area of a polyline
    Fixed crash trimming HATCH
    Removed "Reset" button in customize dialog
    Fixed display of entities on locked layers
    Fixed select of ESNAP from SHIFT+RCLICK menu using keyboard shortcut
    Fixed selection of items in option list of dynamic input
    Fixed REFEDIT > DISCARD some blocks are deleted
    Fixed Text entering is under images
    Fixed join of colinear segments
    Fixed insert of XREF without path
    Fixed undo of changes to 3D solid properties from palette
    Fixed dimstyle and textstyle combo in toolbar and in property palette
    Fixed crash while closing with multiple drawing
    Fixed error when breaking walls on EasyArch
    Fixed DIMLINEAR - "Invalid input" when trying to insert Mtext/Text after DIMLINEAR->Horizontal and DIMLINEAR->Vertical by passing the correct state parameters
    Fixed exception using dynamic block grips and fixed restore of ORTHOMODE using grips
    Fixed exception in REFCLOSE command makes impossible to continue to work
    Fixed lag and slowdown creating objects, with selection window and other operations when some other process uses CPU heavly ( > 90%)
    Restored FILEDIALOGS variable to control choose file dialog with every file extension
    Fixed exception with REFEDIT on block containing dynamic block
    Fixed import button in SCALELISTEDIT dialog called from status bar
    Fixed autocomplete dialog layout
    Fixed drag of blocks with dragdetail > 0
    Fixed drag of objects during MOVE,COPY, SCALE, etc ... with great coordinates
    Fixed evaluation of field "ObjectName"
    Fixed crash opening drawing with fields
    Fixed height of toolbar using "classic" UI on 4k monitors
    Fixed size of icons in layer palette with 4k display
    Fixed size of layer Icons with 4k monitor
    Fixed locked layer selection in commands (MOVE, COPY, etc) after changes to TRIM on block
    Fixed FILLET between XLINE
    Fixed crash at close time
    Fixed selection of clipped viewport with its polyline
    Fixed selection of viewport in layout
    Disabled QLEader attachment options when "Underlay" is checked
    Fixed trim of circle or arc with rectangle as boundary
    Fixed TRIM and EXTEND with blocks selecting with window
    Fixed area of hatches with simple island
    Fixed Czech capital letters in command line
    Fixed lag after edit commands (eg: DELETE, TRIM)
    Avoid crash when superhatch cannot detect intersections in boundary detection
    Removed XREF dependent layer from DIMLAYER combo in dimstyle dialog and in ribbon/toolbar
    Filtered XREF dependent layer in layer combo in HATCH dialog
    Removed background white rectangle from print
    Fixed area in properties and list for polyline and 2dPolyline objects
    Improved performance of copy large amount of objects
    Fixed a crash when insert a door/window with no wall (using EasyArch)
    Fixed selection with PREVIOUS option
    Fixed selection of source object in MATCHPROP command
    Fixed HATCH area calculation using region method
    Fixed performance of DIMSTYLE dialog with many Dimension styles in quite large drawing
    Implemented selection of entities on locked layer
    Resized linetype, lineweight and color ribbon combobox
    Improved performance of REFCLOSE with refedit preview
    Added symbol menu in context menu for single line text edit
    Fixed cone radius, height and center z into property palette
    Hidden some fields from list in "FIELD" dialog
    Fixed crash opening drawing with clipped XREF
    Fixed slow selection in drawing with clipped xref
    Fixed selection of block reference with window selection mode
    Fixed crash saving modify to a xref using REFEDIT
    Fixed visualization of faded objects (placed on locked layer, XREF or during refedit), on some drawings such entities disappear
    Fixed text not aligned in the middle in QLEADER command
    Fixed MTEXT option that didn't start the MTEXT command in QLEADER command
    Added Rename and Delete buttons in WSSETTINGS dialog to rename and delete workspaces
    Changed default value of "Path options" in "Modify Transmittal Setup" dialog, now by default all files are placed in one folder and not organized in a folder structure

    Existing users can update this patch by clicking on Check For Updates under Help menu. New versions are avaialble for download in our downloads section.

    ProgeCAD 2018 Professional INDIA : New Update Released

    09 Aug 2017, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Jytra announces the release of new patch 18.0.4 for ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version India. ProgeCAD 2018 is available in both 64bit & 32bit versions. Below are the fixes in new version:

    • Fixed crash while opening certain type of dwg files
    • Fixed crash while making a copy and paste action with their entities
    • Fixed combobox selection in MTEXT editor (classic user interface)
    • Fixed possible vulnerability
    • Few other minor changes to increase productivity

    The latest full versions are available in our download page for fresh downloads. Existing customers can launch progeCAD and click on Check for updates button in Help Menu.

    Jytra is the oldest Dealer of ProgeCAD in India with maximum customer base and technical expertise on the product.

    Contact us today for more details.

    ProgeCAD 2018 Professional INDIA 18.0.4 Version Released

    15 Jul 2017, Hyderabad. ProgeCAD India Press Release:

    Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is glad to inform its customers and prospects about the release of new patch 18.0.4 for ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version India Software. Below is a detailed list of fixes and enhancements:

    • Added support to open Autocad 2018 files
    • Improved speed of draw of entities in large drawings (>5MB)
    • Improved speed of regen of 3d solid entities in shaded/hidden mode
    • Fixed ESNAP with layer OFF, now objects on OFF layer are ignored
    • Fixed print of PDF file with layer name containing round brackets
    • Improved print performance with pdf printer and layer enabled
    • Added checkbox to enable/disable layer in pdf printer
    • Fixed intersection esnap between polylines with some objects in draworder table
    • Fixed display and print of OLE objects in blocks
    • Improved speed of automatic Regen of OLE, Images, Xray objects
    • Improved speed of Highlight and selection of entities
    • Improved selection performance: improved update of style comboboxes
    • Improved selection performance: Improved update of viewport scale and HPLayer combo box
    • Improved selection performance: Improved speed of update of textstyle and dimstyle combo boxes
    • Improved object modified reactor to improve MOVE, COPY speed
    • Fixed creation of dimension using esnap on overlapped entities
    • Fixed solid grip dragging with face having negative normal
    • Disabled REFEDITPREVIEW by default
    • Added check  to avoid crash in layerwalk
    • Improved print of PDF in case of layer disabled
    • Fixed face grip edit for compatibility with AutoCAD 2018
    • Added check to avoid exception in viewport scale combo
    • Start "PEDIT" on double click on 3D Polylines instead of "PROPERTIES"
    • Added advanced render uninstall request at uninstall time
    • Improved layer palette
    • Make layer list font 1px bigger
    • Improved layout and colors
    • Fixed click of editbox into list to allow the click and related features
    • Fixed dragging/editing
    • Fixed selection of font drawing an MTEXT
    • Fixed crash with angular dimension of polyline
    • Fixed crash using font substitution dialog
    • Fixed save of HPLINETYPE variable
    • Fixed key tip for application button
    • Fixed size of print stamp
    • Added message starting POINTCLOUDATTACH command
    • Added ETRACKPRIORITY variable and relative tooltips to the settings in "Coordinate Input" tab (Entity Snaps) and in "Dynamic Input" tab
    • Fixed COPYCLIP and PASTECLIP of corrupted ACIS solids with bad materials assigned to subentities
    • Improved SELECT ALL performance to do a single highlight
    • Fixed architectural units in Korean command line, fixed when options contains '()' for capital letters
    • Fixed dynamic input with imperial units without specifing '"'
    • Fixed SWEEP command in some cases
    • Fixed draw of BOX with NWUCS
    • Improved switch between drawings, removed useless resize of non active view
    • Fixed printing JPG using pc3 of our jpeg printer
    • Fixed SELECTIONPREVIEW with dynamic input on
    • Fixed priority of dynamic input over polar tracking, Added ETRACKPRIORITY variable to set priority of ETRACK over dynamic Input
    • Added font support in copy and paste from Excel
    • Switched Center mark, center cross icons
    • Changed icon into profile export mask
    • Added "Center mark with settings" to the ribbon
    • Fixed error in placing Label for EasyArch
    • Fixed imperial units in text height combo
    • Leader changes moving all drawing
    • Fixed command line options with '()' for far-east languages, Fixed underlined part
    • Added single selection mode to JOIN command
    • Fixed Command line message crating a new profile
    • Fixed crash in OVERKILL command with dynamic input
    • Fixed JOIN command to join lines in different directions, removed source line on success
    • Removed grips and selection from deactivating document
    • Fixed crash in MOCORO with unsupported objects
    • Fixed exception in sds_getkword function with Dynamic Input
    • Fixed EXIT command after undo of REFEDIT session
    • Enlarged some combo in Dynamic Input tooltips configuration dialog
    • Changed the default colors (for LAZ files without RGB data) when importing a laz pointcloud file

    Existing customers can upgrade this to latest patch by clicking on progeCAD -> Help Menu -> Check for updates command. New users can download the latest versions from our Downloads Section.

    Feel free to contact us for any additional information.