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Progecad 2011 professional new version

progecad jytra advantages

Designers, drafters, engineers, architects and other professionals using CAD in a specific industry will be able now to speed up the drawing process using progeCAD 2011 Professional. Thanks to the millions of ready-to-use blocks placed at their disposal and ready to improve and facilitate the time-consuming routine work of drafting from scratch.

Further there are several enhancements on ALE Blocks Manager. A completely different iCADLib Module for blocks management is introduced in the new version. The iCADLib Module enables intuitive and seamless work when creating, saving and inserting blocks in your drawings. The new Blocks Manager contains over 23000 2D/3D ready-to- use blocks for various industries such as Construction, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and others.

The new progeCAD 2011 version offers a plug-in for architects, Easy-Arch, an automated building tool implemented in the software to increase productivity in architectural and interior design and renovation. The Easy-Arch tool is designed to facilitate architectural and interior design providing parametric elements to quickly and easily create such building elements as walls, roofs, openings, stairs and many other functionalities.

Finally, another enhancement designed to beef up the productivity of a CAD professional is the integration of the Traceparts content library in progeCAD 2011 Professional. This feature will become particularly interesting and useful for a Mechanical Designer and Engineer. However, there can be also found electric, electronic, agricultural, furniture and many other parts to satisfy professional needs of CAD professionals from a wide range of sectors. The Traceparts portal is one of the biggest parts libraries in the world offering over 100 million 2D and 3D CAD models. Now the new progeCAD 2011 Professional version provides personalized and exclusive access to the Traceparts library with unlimited and free download of any elements from the catalogues as well as different parts complying with the following international standards: ANSI, ASME, BS, JIS, DIN, ISO and UNI. The downloaded components are seamlessly integrated in the blocks libraries and can be easily and quickly inserted in all your drawings like all the other iCADLib blocks.

“In the new version of progeCAD we’ve focused our efforts on meeting the needs of the CAD professionals who come from various industries but use mainly the generic CAD platform in their projects. We are striving to make our CAD platform more flexible and intuitive for each professional who uses our CAD package. However, we’re still committed to our principal goal that is to comply with the market leader, adding at least a little touch of the AutoCAD-like look and feel and compatibility to our product.” commented Damiano Croci, progeCAD’s CEO.