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Progecad 2013 professional 13.0.18 version released

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We are pleased to announce that we have released the version 13.0.18 with many enhancements. Existing users can simply update the patches from ProgeCAD Software Interface->Help->Check for updates.

Below is a detailed log of enhancements:
Added some check to avoid exception in property palette and selection after ESC of gripedit
Fixed start of progeCAD from vbs, now it loads all IRXs
Fixed change of circle associated with a dimension
Added some check to avoid exception drawing UCSicon erasing some viewports
Fixed NLM server connection function
Fixed load of ANSI mnu file with some nordic characters (example :ä)
Added check to avoid crash in property dialog scrollbar sizing function
Improved speed of refresh property palette reloading layer combo values only if it needs
Changed a tooltip in PUBLISH dialog
Fixed tooltip of save and load publish list in PUBLISH dialog
Set HYPERLINKICON default to 0
Fixed Fylout position
Fixed the 256 color “Black” button in background color selection
Improved speed of QSELECT command on large drawings
Fixed show of command bar when progeCAD was closed without it
Fixed viewport scale panning in activated viewport
Fixed the bug with the APPLY button of FONT dialog
Fixed the bug with grid color not changing in DDRMODES dialog
Fixed redefine of existing blocks
Fixed the bug with the impossibility of insert 3-digits true color in COLOR selection dialog
Fixed crash using BATTMAN command
Fixed some options in menu using international options adding “_”
fixed open of some drawings with some bad spline
Added feedback send for NLMServer token activation
Fixed crash while copying some entities between 2 drawings using specific format of other cads
Fixed crash using publish with Amyuni PDF/JPG printer
Fixed cone command with center of base with z != 0, fixed elevation after cone command is now restored to original value
Fixed DIMRAD and DIMDIAMETER command to dimension circle/arc inside scaled blocks
Added LAYERCLOSE command to close LAYER palette, added OLMSTATE variable to check if layer palette is open, Added ability to CTRL+2 accelerator to close layer palette
Unable to join using “_pedit” command, lines disappear
Fixed close of floating toolbar
Added MNU update mechanism
Restored APBOX default value to 0
Added CTRL+RETURN to close MTEXT edit dialog
Fixed SELGRIPS command when are already selected some entities
Added try and catch to avoid deactivate activation context problems
Fixed crash on double click on mtext after close of a drawing
Fixed VBA FontFile method
Fixed EXTRUDE command preselecting entities
Fixed plot from VBA setting parameters
Added check on MTEXT dialog
Different direction of extrusion using polylines to make rectangles
Restored new OPEN common dialog
Fixed right click context menu
Fixed intersection of etrack/polar alignment lines
Fixed Etrack/Polar in NWUCS
Added server ip and port to the command line of NLMServerMonitor
Changed status bar and CTRL + 2 to call LAYER command instead EXPLAYER
Fixed change of description of layers in layer dialog
Fixed layer dialog restored display of latest columns values
Added command line xml report to NLMServer and NLMServerMonitor
Fixed message during RECOVERYMANAGER command during load of some drawings
Fixed problem on WBLOCK dialog selecting file name
Fixed starting color of hatch taking active one
Added MLSTYLE command to custutils project
Changed the menu loading procedure in order to accept UTF-8 files
Added check on MIRROR command to avoid regen if only one entity is affected
Fixed conversion problem in property dialog
Fixed .bak creation using only ISAVEMAK variable, removed MAKEBAK variable
Fixed icdbLoadMlineStyleFile to load linetypes used by mln file
Fixed icGetColorDialog to get also RGB and colorBook colors
Changed PreviewEntity control to support multiple entities preview
Changed icDrawEntityToDC to icDrawEntitiesToDC to draw multiple entities on a DC
Minor change to layer dialog getting wrong plot style from API
Added ability to set plot style to layer from layer palette
Added icGetPlotStyleDialog to IRX interface to select Plot Style
Fixed command after VBA.InsertBlock
Fixed preview control preview image was upside-down
Added ADDFORM command to add customized paper size to some printers (our PDF,JPG and some others)
Added preview control in create table dialog
Added CEntityPreview control to display an entity in a control
Added icDrawEntityToDC api to draw an entity to a DC
Fixed icdbLoadMlineStyleFile function to load a file twice and fixed reading of angles in grads
Fixed load of multiple style mln file with a specific requested style
Fixed an error on EasyArch dcl
Fixed load of specific MLSTYLE from a file
Fixed icdbLoadMlineStyleFile function to load multiple MLINE style
Fixed PDF printer with custom paper size
Added message on command REFCLOSE when it fails
Fixed load of layer combo in property palette to increase speed of common operations (ZOOM/PAN)
Fixed layer palette that slows down LAYISO command on large drawing. Improved refresh of layer palette adding a timer to stack all refreshes
Fixed load of UTF-8/UNICODE toolbars
Adjusted Table compilation for EasyArch2d
Fixed linetype combo box, now when is selected some entities it doesn’t change active linetype
Fixed Plotter manager dialog with our PDF/JPG printers
Fixed LMAN dialog creating a new state with a drawing with a group or a filter of layers
Fixed print of text with ISOCP,CALIBRI,PALATINO TT fonts
DDEDIT changes justification of text
progeCAD color dialog should be used in Print Style Table Editor instead of Windows color dialog
Wrong value is displayed for snap rotation (“SNAP -> Rotation” command)
Crash on opening TEXT editor
When PRINTTEXTOUT=1, xref clipping doesn’t work properly for printing
Alternate Font is not used for missing truetype fonts
Cannot create hatch in active viewport
Cannot import PGP file with TAB
cannot use esnap NEAR with “little” (radius ~ 0.1) circle
Cannot use snap INT with MLINE entities
Many problems using ssget from lisp (or SDS)
VB function GetObject, after CreateObject, doesn’t work
Wrong range and default value for FIELDEVAL variable
crash moving between model space and layout 1
Image command
SelectOnScreen doesn’t highlight entities during selection
VBA Hatch.ApplyHatch is not implemented
Mouse movement is slow while a command is active in heavy drawings
_refedit command: need a message before block editing
-IMAGE – Detach removes IMAGE entities instead of IMAGE definitions
Ability to turn off real-time Orbit and Twist (by Ctrl+Click) is required
ACISOUT cannot create ACIS SAT file other then version 700
ACISVER doesn’t return correct version number of ACIS.
Activating Antialiasing produce a section (not desired) in the rendered objects
Add cut/copy/paste features to MTEXT documentation
AddVertex doesn’t work
ArchT Hangs on Autosave Comment: Main engine thread allows process send messages during execute UI actions now.
Assertion is shown when attempt to detach a XREF
Association doesn’t work for Aligned Dimension
AttachExternalReference method of Modelspace fails
Attempt to open any drawing in icad.lsp, *.mnl or in other startup sequence member leads to incorrect behavior
ATTEXT issue
Bad print style file results in improperly handled condition.
Block changing position during Zoom operation
Cannot attach image files different from jpeg using progeCAD Explorer
Cannot create Wipeout via (entmake) properly
Cannot do center snap to arc segment of closed polyline
Cannot control Osnap tooltips properly
Closed method on LWPolyline doesn’t work
Context menu does not allow to copy more than 100 selected entities
Context menu imported from MNU file always shown in main menu
Context menu is opened with some delay if select a lot of entities.
Context menu on RMB is much too big. It is very confusing and overwhelming
Crash in EXPLORER during erasing layers (Win8 only)
Crash on saveas in particular drawings
Crash right after calling CONVERTPSTYLES
Crash when entity selected on the previous drawing is modified on a new drawing
Cursor slows down with “selectionpreview”
Deadlock in OpenGL on progeCAD start
DIMDISASSOCIATE command doesn’t work
Dimension on block
DIMRADIUS issue on object with Z <> 0
Direct entry of Unicode codes does not work in MTEXT dialog
Document use of commas for aligning text in headers and footers
DRAGNDROP doesn’t work for attached drawing
Improvement in DRAWORDER performance
During SELECTIVEREGENMODE=0, out-of-view raster image disappears when regen is performed
DWG association with progeCAD doesn’t work on some machines
Entities from nested XREFs are not visible in Layout
Entity goes to bad state by DEL command with enabled SELECTIONPREVIEW (3) and HIGHLIGHTLIMIT>0
Entity snap glyphs are not displayed if launch progeCAD and create or open a drawing
entmake for blocks always calls Regen
Entmake should create a entity specific handler for as many entities as possible.
Error during the image editing with the ORTHO function ON
(acad_colordlg) if flag=nil to disable ByLayer/ByBlock, the “Black” button returns 256
(ssget “ALL) does not work
[Crash] Cannot FLATTEN a leader
[Crash] Crash on open – problem with Activation Context
[CRASH] Deleting viewport causes crash
[Crash] progeCAD crashes sometimes on drawing closing when it occurs simultaneously with RealTime view change
[ENTPROP] sorting layer list
Excel document cannot be inserted
Exception if UNDO after REFCLOSE
Exploding blocks causes draworder change
Failed -DIMSTYLE command ANnotation option
For attached drawing – polyline is not drawn at the top of other entities during selectionpreview
General issue of calling commands from explorer
get_ProductOfInertia COM method is not implemented
GetEntity, GetInput and keywords do not works
progeCAD doesn’t set proper SDS function code when SDS function is registered by sds_regfunc
progeCAD occasionally crashed when exploding a block
ICADDoc.lsp is not called in case of run progeCAD by opening .dwg in explorer
icedGetPoint does not show pointer properly
icedSetCurrentView doesn’t refresh temporary graphics
If MNL file for some MNU contains MENULOAD command call, corresponding MNL file won’t be handled if it contains LISP (command) calls
-IMAGE -> Detach removes image entities instead of image definitions
IMPORT PGP function fails in ITALIAN language
INSERT command crash block has attributes and ATTREQ=1 and ATTDIA=1
INSERT command disable scale y and x field when user choose uniform block
INSERT command rotation default value use AUNITS and AUPREC
INSERT object disappears after closing the “progeCAD Explorer”
Inserting a Block with const attdef make wrong data
Issue in PRINT operation with WINDOW option
LENGTHEN command for polylines changes entity Layer to current
LISP ssget filter 430 set wrong selection set
LIST command does not display bulge for last node in polyline
List of blocks is not displayed in progeCAD Explorer if open any drawing with blocks
Fixed MASSPROP issue.
Middle mouse button should activate PAN command.
Missing paper rectangle on layouts
MNL scripts are not loaded properly when several drawings are opened at once
MTEXT entities are shown incorrectly in attached drawing
multiline text change position
Nearest snap overrules the grid and Ortho function
Need to implement context menu for options->paths settings.
OSNAP markers are not visible when used for entity filled by the same color as snap markers
Parallel snapping doesn’t work for XREF
Particular JPEG 2K image does not display in color as it should
Polar tracking works wrong in NWUCS – Extension snap works incorrectly in UCS for linear entities
PRIMARY UNITS SCALE for dimensions, doesn’t work in the layout
Print SCALED IMAGE problem
Print style table editor doesn’t release acquired GDI resources
progeCAD doesn’t recognize the coordinate position in the MNU file
Refedit command is limited at the first two block levels
Rendering does not work with perspective ON
Right click pop-up menu option in drawing window to have recent commands
Right-click menu disappears if mouse is moving at the moment of clicking
ROTATE command does not take angle input in form 45°28’40″
RQXLOAD event not called everytime a drawing is opened/created
SDS function code can be corrupted by commands called from SDS_CBCMDBEGIN callback
sds_getstring return wrong string from script
sds_ssget() does not work correctly on off layers
Search path is growing when attaching XREF’s
SelectOnScreen doesn’t close selection
Size error when inserting raster image
Some polylines in attached drawing are not visible during Print Preview
SPLINEDIT layer issue
STRETCH doesn’t work correctly if polyline has 0,0,-1 normal
Style and Language fields are empty if create a new style using -STYLE command
STYLE command font problems
System variable PRODUCT must be read-only
The objects with thickness different from “0″ are not printed using its lineweight
The order of entities in the selection set is not consistent
The selection of the hatch area depends from the zoom level
The UCSVP variable has a strange effect on the height while drawing
The VBA entity creation doesn’t set Defaults properties
Toolbars can be lost (not restored) on restart of progeCAD
U.S./Imperial Units support for Export PDF
Unable to scroll drawing with specific keys
UserCoordinateSystems.Add, method does not behave correctly
Utility.Prompt doesn’t support new line character in the message
VBA – Entity.ArrayPolar() copy wrong space when TILEMODE=0 & CVPORT=2
VBA AddLeader method and Annotation property compatibility issue
VBA AttachExternalReference() have to check block Name is defined
VBA Block.AddItems always delete existing objects in the block
VBA ConvertArrayToPoints become Out Of Memory Error
VBA does not set object height as 0.0
VBA GetEntity cannot recoginize OdDb2dPolyline
VBA progeCAD Crash when set duplicated table record name
VBA Offset creates new objects but doesn’t append to Database
VBA selection set filter support more group codes
VBA Some AddXXXX() methods cannot create object into user defined block or inactive paper layout block.
VBA Utility.WildCardMatch is not implemented
VBA which functions returns E_NOTIMPL
VBA, New keyword only works the first time
WBLOCK/-WBLOCK fail silently when trying to write to an open file
When you place your cursor on the dimension text, snap point on the dimension line is obtained.
Wrong behavior if REFEDIT read-only xref
Wrong visualization in layout using an hidden view
XREF problem with GRADS
Xref reloader does not work