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Progecad 2017 full version india version released

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Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India announces the release of new maintenance patch of ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version INDIA for below versions:

ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version INDIA - SL  (64bit)

ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version INDIA - SL  (32bit)

ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version INDIA - NLM  (64bit)

ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version INDIA - NLM  (32bit)

This new patch has several improvements in terms of bug fixes, API improvements, improvements on User Interface, espcially on Ribbon UI and many others. Below is a list of detailed release log:

- Fixed FLATSHOT and SOLPROF to generate complete projections and create arcs and circles (not elliptical)
- Fixed usage of custom paper size
- Fixed crash in NVidia Quadro driver
- Fixed crashes using crash reports
- Fixed error using PC3 referring to an unavailable plotter
- Fixed OVERKILL performance
- Fixed regen of blocks after layer thaw
- Fixed deadlock in property palette refresh switching layout
- Fixed SWEEP command in surface mode with closed object
- Fixed direction of extrusion of BOX command
- Fixed set of FONTALT variable for eastern asian languages
- Fixed -ARRAY command with localized default options
- Fixed preview of create table dialog
- Fixed hide of ANNOALLSCALE and ANNOALLVISIBLE status bar panes
- Fixed resize of LAYWALK dialog
- Fixed crash grid zooming out to infinite
- Fixed COPYTOLAYER to show layer dcl
- Fixed second level flyout size
- Fixed crash setting transparency to plot
- Fixed erase of layer DEFPOINTS from layer palette
- Fixed localization of some messages in BOUNDARY command
- Fixed button to choose block destination in FLATSHOT command
- Fixed SECTION command in NWUCS
- Fixed brkline.dwg to avoid warning message in BREAKLINE command
- Fixed elliptical cone option
- Fixed DWGTITLED, DWGPREFIX and last used path after vba SAVEAS
- Fixed Circle 3P option with esnap TAN+TAN+point
- Fixed position of some controls in layer walk dialog
- Fixed HATCH boundary in a drawing
- Fixed TCASE with multiline MTEXT entity
- Fixed crash using TEXTMASK with solid mask
- Fixed rename ribbon tab title.
- Fixed crash in layer palette
- Fixed x64 issues in layer palette

- API VBA: Fixed export command called from vba
- API VBA: Fixed PrintPreview method of Document object in VBA, now it takes current layout settings
- API VBA: Restored StartUp VBA event
- API VBA: Fixed Explode method of ActiveX 3dPolyline and Region
- API LISP: Fixed lisp fill_image with negative colors and DCL aspect_ratio attribute
- API LISP: Fixed COPY command called from lisp or script to ignore multiple mode

- Changed "read-only" message to System modal
- Removed ESNAP, DYNUCS and SNAP during dragging of entities
- Enlarged buttons in customize dialog
- Added resource to translate Region entity name in QSELECT dialog
- Removed question on OPEN command reopening a currently opened drawing
- Removed "Protect password" checkbox from save dialog
- Changed double click action on MText to start DDEDIT instead of MTEDIT

Existing customers can freely upgrade to this new patch simply by clicking Check for Updates option in Help Menu. We strongly recommend you to update this patch to get best performance out of your progeCAD software.

Feel free to contact ProgeCAD India for more details.