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Progecad 2017 system requirements

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ProgeCAD 2017 software is based on IntelliCAD 8.1b engine which primarily uses OpenGL graphics technology. We are putting several development and QA efforts to improve the use of OpenGL hardware acceleration technology. OpenGL is a machine language for sending commands like draw and shade directly to a graphics card which can understand OpenGL language and do necessary graphics processing to display entities and objects on the screen.

We have noticed some issues in the past when the user computer has Intel Onboard graphics cards. Also some issues were reported by users with ATI graphics which were sending some incorrect voltages to display monitors. This resulted on display issues and flickering screens. But we had better findings with nVidia graphics cards with updated drivers.

Based on above observations, we recommed to use below system settings to use ProgeCAD 2017 without much hanging and crashing issues:

  • Any CPU (preferably Intel make) with 2GHz or above clock speed. Multi-core processors give better performance as progeCAD 2017 now supports multi-core and multi-thread processing capabilities.
  • 3GB or above RAM
  • 1GB Graphics card (preferably nVidia make) with latest updated drivers from manufacturer website (not the CD supplied by them)

If you use a computer with this configuration, you will get optimum performance of progeCAD 2017.

Feel free to contact us in case if you need any more details.