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Progecad 2018 new version released

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Jytra announces the release of new patch for ProgCAD 2018 Full Version India. Below are the major fixes & improvements in this version. This update fixes many crash problems of progeCAD 2018. Below is a detailed log of other fixes:

  • Fixed crashes caused by GDI leaks
  • Fixed potential memory leaks in Shape importer Now it's possible to import more shape files at once
  • Fixed colors for tabs arrow with black theme
  • Managed new Shape entities and managed 3D point properly
  • Fixed text size in pasted Excel tables
  • Implemented COLSPAN attribute importing a table from Excel
  • Fixed PEDIT Join option in NWUCS
  • Fixed background color of prompt menu window
  • Changed the default colors (for LAZ files without RGB data) when importing a LAZ pointcloud files
  • Managed the big icons for EasyArch
  • Improved printer setup and message box handling
  • Fixed resize of Etransmit dialog
  • Fixed ribbon key tips
  • Added "Printer restore", manual for "Perspective correction" and manual for "Raster to vector" into Center
  • Moved the render samples in the ribbon
  • Fixed display of message freezing current layer
  • Fixed update of DIMLAYER combo, now layer list is performed only on DropDown to improve speed
  • Fixed background color if table imported using PASTECLIP from Excel
  • Fixed print layer using our PDF printer and a CTB
  • Switched Center mark and Center Cross icons
  • Added "Center mark with settings" to the ribbon

Existing ProgeCAD 2018 users can simply click on "check for updates" under help menu/tab. New downloads are already having these updated versions in our downloads section.

For any further information feel free to contact us.

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