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Progecad 2019 professional india new update 19.0.6 released

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ProgeCAD 2019 Professional India New Update 19.0.6 Released

Jytra annoucnes the release of new update 19.0.6 to progeCAD 2019 Full Version India Software. This is a maintenance release of recently released ProgeCAD 2019 software. Below is a detailed list of improvements in this release:

  • Enhanced IGES/STEP Converter with improved speed and reliability.
  • Fixed QSELECT to select only objects on current layout
  • Fixed table editing and viewport switching bad behaviour in layout space
  • Fixed double click to edit table on active layout
  • Added STL mode to import surfaces from step/iges
  • Fixed IGES/STEP import status bar icon clicking another icon
  • Fixed linetype (LT) scale with print window optimization
  • Implemented the IGESSTEPCONVERTERMODE variable to set converter mode
  • Fixed wrong stretch of lines when stretched from arrow grips
  • Added check to avoid crash on exit
  • Fixed FIELD evaluation for MTEXT object
  • Enlarged the "Drawing settings" button in the options dialog
  • Fixed print window with images on other layout
  • Fixed "Contents" field value of TEXT entity
  • Removed RegenAll changing style from the ribbon combo box to improve speed
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut for snaps in SETTINGS > Coordinate Input > Entity Snaps
  • Changed resource string from "Fit to screen" to "Fit"
  • Fixed not saving the value of IGNORESHADEDGE in SETTINGS > 3D Settings > Shading
  • Fixed FIELD dialog to insert object properties with property name different from display in dialog
  • Fixed resize of layers palette
  • Fixed display of images on 4k monitor in IgesStepConverter
  • Fixed hatch area: added fallback function and improved region area function
  • Fixed set of visualstyle of selected viewport from property palette

The new ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India software can be downloaded from here.

Existing users will receive Update 19.0.6 automatically (if connected to Internet). Contact us today for more information about ProgeCAD 2019 Software.

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