Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

  1. Murari Software Solutions is very serious about protecting the privacy of our customers and site visitors
  2. We do not disclose our user data with any third party agencies
  3. Our websites do not store any Cookies or tracking scripts in user browswer or computer or mobile device
  4. Our domains ssl protected for your enhanced security
  5. Our websites are optimized for mobile browsing and are fully responsive
  6. Murari Software Solutions do not collect any confidential information from users such as Credit/Debit card numebers, CVV codes, OTPs, Aadhar numbers etc.
  7. We do not share any of your personal information like email id, phone number etc. to any other party
  8. We use your email address and phone number only to explain about our products and solutions
  9. You can always opt out from our messages using one click Unsubscribe option
  10. There is no obligation to use any information on our website and the free trial
  11. If you do not like the software, you can mention to us directly and we won't contact you any more.